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09:52:57 PM Jul 9th 2013
Given that the age range for a Kid Hero varies from 8 to 17, does it really make sense to say that this trope doesn't apply to teenagers?
12:11:08 PM Jul 10th 2013
Well, the reasoning is that "teenagers are physically stronger than children and lack the "completely defenseless" element, especially if Teens Are Monsters."
02:03:39 PM Jul 10th 2013
I know, but in that case, shouldn't the definition for "Kid Hero" be altered to reflect various tropes that apply to kids?
02:42:40 PM Jul 17th 2013
Personally, i guess that the idea of remove teenagers using this reasoning and include Kid Hero examples sounds weird, considering that Kid Hero examples generally are not "defenseless".
11:35:17 AM May 12th 2013
Wouldn't it make more sense if the image shown Sideshow Bob trying to kill Bart instead of Mr. Burns?
10:29:08 AM Jul 10th 2013
Why? Why one instead of the other? (Not that I've ever seen "the Simpsons")
04:17:46 AM Dec 21st 2010
edited by LoveHappiness
"It's about adults physically hurting children, fatally or not, be they related or not."

I have to wonder, does this include spanking and the like?
05:31:18 PM Mar 8th 2011
No. That's a form of discipline.
05:34:14 PM Mar 8th 2011
Well, spanking IS physically hurt children.
07:12:54 PM Oct 1st 2011
I wouldn't say it goes nearly as far as the various other examples. Parents who spank their children are, as far as I am aware, usually not trying to seriously hurt those children or to do anything that could be seen as actual child abuse.
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