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04:34:37 AM Apr 20th 2015
Yes, Discworld has all the characters mentioned. It also has Rincewind, Twoflower, Fred and Nobby, Moist von Lipwig, King Verence II, and other characters who are not known for their badassery, awesome though they may be in other ways. (And that's just main characters; one of the main themes of the books is that most people are just people.)
11:27:02 PM May 4th 2012
World of Badass is a literal description of what happens to the setting of Men. There are only eleven people left on the planet, all men, and they are all incredibly damned awesome. What book is this?

Also, what percentage of a worlds population needs to be badass for the world to be a world of badasses?
11:27:02 AM Dec 25th 2011
Monty Python's "Bicycle Repair Man" sketch showed a world where absolutely everyone, including babies and animals, was literally Superman. Apparently their one weakness was that they couldn't repair bicycles, therefore Bicycle Repair Man (whose secret identity was A. J. Superman) was a superhero among superheroes. I should add that in the UK there is currently at least one real shop called Bicycle Repair Man, which does exactly what it says on the tin.
08:54:18 AM Jun 2nd 2011
edited by Stoogebie
How has Chess not been mentioned yet? Every. Single. PIECE! Is Badass! Would it go in Tabletop Games?

And how about The Bible? What, Jesus Was Way Cool, wasn't He?
12:48:30 PM Aug 17th 2010
Any way the name can be fixed so that "Worldof" is separated into World Of? I know that all that one hass to do to seperate the words is capitalize "Of" but I do not know how to do that on the page itself. Seeing the words run together makes me cringe.

09:43:55 AM Oct 24th 2010
You've probably already figured this out over the past two monthes, but for anyone new reading: the page title displayed will appear the same as the Wiki Words you followed.

WorldofBadass makes Worldof Badass. WoRLDofbAdAsS makes Wo RL Dofb Ad As S.
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