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We have the World of Ham, where every character is a Large Ham. But what about the World Of Badass?

In the World Of Badass, every character is a Badass... even the girliest girly-girl will be a butt-kicking Action Girl, even the nerdiest of nerds will be a Badass Bookworm, far from dying first the black dude will be the guy you least want to fuck with, and you should probably just steer clear of gays altogether.

Obviously, this is a dangerous place to be and will often overlap with Crapsack World not only because of said danger but also because the Crapsack World is a fertile breeding ground for the Black and Gray Morality required for true badassery. This can lead to Anti-Hero, Anti-Villain and Heel-Face Revolving Door characters popping up at frequent intervals. Other common character archetypes include the Cowboy Cop, Crazy Survivalist, The Determinator and Blood Knight.

If the main protagonist of a World of Badass has a Love Interest, expect them to become (or, in some cases, start out as) a Battle Couple. If they have kids, it's best to avoid messing with said kids.

The World of Badass will occasionally, due to the comparably high level of HSQ, overlap with the World of Ham. However, it's far more likely for this trope to be applied to Crapsack or Dystopian worlds.


Anime And Manga

Comic Books
  • Sin City.
  • Watchmen plays with this trope, featuring several badasses among its core of main characters... however, some are noticeably less badass than others.



Live-Action TV

Other Sites

Video Games
  • A lot of video games are slaves to this trope too. It's one of Yahtzee's most common complaints about Space Marine type games.
  • Also, fighting games (at least, the good ones).
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