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07:23:31 PM Jul 9th 2016
When we first meet Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" she's wearing blue. The animators did this on purpose to make her stand out from the rest of the villagers. While she speaks her mind, she's still pretty gentle and kind. Is it OK to add her?
03:15:00 PM Aug 4th 2012
Can somebody replace the picture of Cinderella with somebody who wore Blue from there OFFICIAL work? Cindy's dress was hardly blue in the movie!
02:38:44 AM Aug 5th 2012
It doesn't matter; her dress is blue there and in the merchandise.
07:04:08 AM Aug 5th 2012
I think it matters, Cinderella wearing blue is just plain wrong.
08:22:11 PM Jun 16th 2013
I was just at the Flame War page... You guys need to go look at it.
03:54:40 PM Oct 28th 2014
Yeah. Why not Aurora in blue or Tiana in the famous blue strapless dress?
04:12:00 PM Oct 28th 2014
Is there a reason other than what seems like They Changed It, Now It Sucks? Source material purity isn't a factor when it comes to how well a picture shows a trope. Plus it's not as though the picture here wasn't from an officially made Disney product (namely a poster that you can get on some sites).
01:18:51 AM Oct 29th 2014
^^Why? We don't change images for the sake of changing them.
08:58:11 AM Mar 22nd 2012
In Real Life,the second favorite color of sweet lolitas, after pink, is often light blue.Maybe related to this trope.
12:04:11 PM Mar 22nd 2012
Um... that might best belong on a page about that aspect itself.
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