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03:15:00 PM Aug 4th 2012
Can somebody replace the picture of Cinderella with somebody who wore Blue from there OFFICIAL work? Cindy's dress was hardly blue in the movie!
02:38:44 AM Aug 5th 2012
It doesn't matter; her dress is blue there and in the merchandise.
07:04:08 AM Aug 5th 2012
I think it matters, Cinderella wearing blue is just plain wrong.
08:22:11 PM Jun 16th 2013
I was just at the Flame War page... You guys need to go look at it.
03:54:40 PM Oct 28th 2014
Yeah. Why not Aurora in blue or Tiana in the famous blue strapless dress?
04:12:00 PM Oct 28th 2014
Is there a reason other than what seems like They Changed It, Now It Sucks? Source material purity isn't a factor when it comes to how well a picture shows a trope. Plus it's not as though the picture here wasn't from an officially made Disney product (namely a poster that you can get on some sites).
01:18:51 AM Oct 29th 2014
^^Why? We don't change images for the sake of changing them.
08:58:11 AM Mar 22nd 2012
In Real Life,the second favorite color of sweet lolitas, after pink, is often light blue.Maybe related to this trope.
12:04:11 PM Mar 22nd 2012
Um... that might best belong on a page about that aspect itself.
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