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06:13:51 PM Nov 5th 2016
Why exactly is it that none of the indexes on the sub-pages work?
09:53:21 AM Nov 8th 2016
It's strange.
10:56:58 AM Jul 14th 2017
I'm just wondering why the indexes are not functioning.
03:43:23 PM Jan 19th 2016
I think that the Trope Namer sub-pages should be turned into indexes, listing both the works and the tropes they named.
12:55:16 AM Jan 20th 2016
I think we don't want to advertise Trope Namer status like this.
02:33:48 PM Feb 6th 2016
Why exactly?
03:12:51 PM Feb 6th 2016
As is stated on the main page, a work being a trope namer is not necessarily a badge of honor.
10:19:57 PM May 15th 2016
I only suggested this because I thought that indexes were very convenient.
02:07:01 AM Dec 7th 2015
edited by VVK
It's no badge of honour or anything to name a trope after a work, but somehow it's TOTALLY PRESUMPTIOUS to call something a trope namer in an YKTTW? I mean, who cares? If it needs changing, just change it when that becomes apparent. "Trope namer" just means what it's named after, and the initial write-up can and probably will change in other ways too.

I'm not advising people to ignore that advice from the main page. By all means, let's do it like that and not use the term "trope namer" in YKTTW if that's how people feel. What I'm saying is that I don't follow the logic. (Of course, that's in itself an unintentional admission: I don't understand — maybe there is something to understand that I'm missing.)
08:45:08 PM Jan 25th 2015
Should the sub-pages be indexes? We have an index for Image Source, so how is this any different? I think doing this would make it much easier.
01:01:47 AM Jan 26th 2015
I think the idea behind them not being indexes is that a Trope Namer is usually a bad thing and thus discouraged.
01:05:13 PM Nov 10th 2015
I think that the sub-pages should be indexes. And I don't think that this necessarily means creating new Trope Namers out of the blue.
02:47:08 PM Jan 3rd 2016
I still think that the sub-pages should be turned into indexes, listing both the works and the tropes they named.
09:30:47 AM Jan 25th 2014
Changed the subpage indexing (the bars along the bottom of articles) to only list works, as navigating both works and tropes in a semi-alphabetized list is confusing. This did not work for TropeNamers.Professional Wrestling as some of the articles it lists only have it for an index and it has no works.

Was unsure about how or if to index split pages like Literature or Traditional Games, so they're untouched.
12:13:57 PM Dec 6th 2012
edited by Cloudflier
We need to come up with a uniform system on how to deal with renamed tropes. Some tropers remove the trope entirely from the list, while others list the old trope and the current name for said trope in parentheses. Could potentially lead to an edit war one day, though that's unlikely.

I personally favor the method of listing the old trope name under a series while putting in parentheses that it's the former name for trope x. The Trope Namer page does show the history of specific tropes' origins afterall. It's true we have a seperate page for renamed tropes, but it's not useful if you're looking for certain genres or specific sources.

Just to clarify, this is only about the Trope Namer lists we have, not the actual works' pages.
05:07:44 PM Apr 1st 2012
We need to focus our accuracy by sorting by letter other than Genre.
06:06:19 PM Jan 9th 2012
I don't see why this article's title is plural. It should be swapped with the singular redirect - most links to this page come from that anyway.
01:47:04 PM Dec 8th 2012
Because Trope Namers is the most fitting name for the page, while Trope Namer is much easier to use in a sentence.
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