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06:20:18 AM Nov 19th 2013
How the hell did Infinity Blade get overlooked in the Examples? The PLOT revolves around it.
11:41:27 AM Oct 23rd 2013
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Would pinball in general be considered Trial and Error Gameplay? In the mid-80s, when the rules became more complex and couldn't all be spelled out on the machine for you, they just all concealed the rules from the player, and the only way to know you did the correct action was to stumble across that correct action. The norm these days is to tell the player to hit a certain target or ramp but not tell you what will happen, why you should send the ball there, or what you did to trigger that event.

In fact, if you buy a pinball machine right from the factory, the manual only tells you how to assemble the machine.

Granted, doing the wrong thing would never drain your ball, end the game, or render the game unwinnable (unless the ball gets stuck, in which case that's a mechanical flaw), but it does bug me to no end that hardcore pinball fans tend to be pretty mum about the rules for all but the most popular machines and encourage people to find out for themselves.
10:43:43 AM Oct 24th 2013
This depends on the pinball machine. Usually, pinball machines are obvious on what needs to be done, whether by a blinking arrow, or simply relying on the strike anything to see what happens. Regardless of how the ball moves around, your sole objective is to keep the ball in play with whatever you hit counting as a bonus.

It's more trial-and-error to get the best score rather than being punished for taking a wrong action, and you can technically get a high score if you manage to pummel a low-value target for long enough.

I'd place Pinball more closely to Try Everything.

10:43:34 PM Nov 11th 2013
All right then. I had never heard of Try Everything prior to this. That seems much closer to what I was thinking.

Am I weird for getting frustrated if I find a machine on location (I work minimum wage, so I cannot afford any machines for myself), and I later look it up online and can't find the rules? For any other sort of game, knowing the rules is crucial to playing, to where video games now commonly have pretty long tutorials to make sure you understand its rules before you jump in.
08:58:03 AM Jun 4th 2013
Would science be considered a Real Life example? Sure, you (usually) don't die from an experiment that didn't got the results you wanted, but you keep trying to figure out the world by guessing, then testing, and repeat until you get it right...
05:12:08 AM Jan 11th 2013
Not sure where to add it in, but "Limbo" surely fits the criteria, doesn't it? I haven't finished it yet either, so I think a Troper who has might be better at editing it in.
02:47:12 PM Oct 31st 2011
You missed Jet Set Willy!

05:14:01 PM Oct 31st 2011
Example that isn't covered under Platform Hell, Unwinnable by Mistake, or anything else not on the work's page?

Also, if it meets the trope, why not add it yourself?
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