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12:20:41 PM Oct 31st 2011
Some 75% of the examples I've read are irrelevant. The trope isn't about the hero being a little weird. It's about a minor character. The Doctor is not an example. Even Jim Ignatowski is probably not an example.
12:20:41 PM Oct 31st 2011
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01:58:22 PM Jun 19th 2011
If someone wants to write this example to be in example format, go ahead. Removed until then:

  • Okay, let's take me as the prime example in the comics session, okay? It's pretty much common knowledge that I'm insane. I talk to the voices in my head, they talk back to me, I tell them to shut the fudge up or I'll blast them out with a shotgun, and so on and so forth. I pretty much have one foot in cloudcuckooland; one foot in the loony bin; one hand's worth of fingers in either the X-Men or the international mutant association, depending on who wants me most at the moment; and one foot making brutalizing contact with Captain America's cojones in Deadpool #25, you should totally pick it up on eBay. I'm also one of very few Marvel Universe characters who knows that we live in a comic; that there is a man with a typewriter, and all the hardships that we're put through is just a part of his sick imagination; and that I think in little yellow boxes.
05:07:35 PM Jun 18th 2012
Deadpool is insane and aware he's in a comic book. Other characters don't or can't acknowledge him mentioning this.
07:12:49 PM Dec 31st 2010
If the habit of liking Anime doesn't get you, one of their songs will get stuck in your head! Japan Takes Over the World! That Wild Mass Guessing was right!
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