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03:55:00 AM May 31st 2014
The addition of non-japanese examples to this page warms my heart, late as it may be.
12:59:11 PM Apr 13th 2012
edited by flocculentCamelidae
I am going to remove the disclaimer regarding eastern asia, as it is inappropriate, and basically counterproductive to the underlying theme of example sections.

Same with Tsurime Eyes, which actually already has a section for Western Animation.
10:17:18 AM Apr 10th 2012
"This is an east asian media trope only." What? Do you mean to tell me that western works can't draw droopy eyes for the sake of submissive characterization? Where's the trope for that?
06:55:41 PM Apr 10th 2012
I agree. I hate to be the dipstick who brings ponies into everything, but surely Fluttershy qualifies as having tareme?
09:26:53 AM Apr 13th 2012
edited by flocculentCamelidae
That's a legitimate, obvious, and seemingly textbook example in a non-asian work. It seems completely and utterly arbitrary to exclude non-japanese works and characters from this list. If there are no western examples, then the disclaimer is pointless, as there are none to add. If there are western examples, it hardly makes sense to exclude them from addition to this easily identifiable and universally understood trope.

I don't know how to start a page action or anything, and I'm not entirely sure what this situation warrants. I'm not sure if I can just remove the disclaimer, or if some more bureaucratic footwork is necessary.
07:40:49 PM Jul 6th 2012
12:52:30 AM Jul 7th 2012
Per this TRS thread, there's a YKTTW called Personaliteye, which will be a catch-all for non-Asian tareme/tsurime and other eye shapes used to indicate character. Fluttershy can go in there.