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11:51:02 PM May 6th 2014
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I just deleted an entry in videogames in this page, in Street Fighter, it talked about an entity called the Invincible Dragon that powers the Shoryuken. I deleted it because could not find any information at all of it existing in any Street Fighter story.

Having said that, has anyone heard of it at all? Or does someone have any confirmation that it does in fact exists?

In any case here is the entry to preserve it in case it does exist and we can put it back.

The Invincible Dragon of Street Fighter. In various versions of the game's story, Ansatsuken practitioners could summon the entity to execute the style's signature attack: the Sho-ryu-ken, or Invincible Dragon Punch. When used by a master (in story), it's ultimate form is fatal, goes through all ki-based attacks seen in the series, and cannot be counterhit or interrupted by anything. The in game attack this entity powered was invincible, and completely invulnerable to all forms of harm, up until Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. It was so powerful that up until that game, there were no strats on how to actually beat a Shoryuken, only bait mistaken uses, prevent them from being used, and react to missed ones. The only thing keeping this from being a Story-Breaker Power is the fact that the entity is apparently only used for rising attacks. The first Ansatsuken practitioner to realize that they can use the ability in directions other than up becomes an Intangible Man mixed with Super Strength.
01:26:30 PM Jun 23rd 2011
What about Kaname Tosen in Bleach? With his first release command; Cry, he can instantly knock his opponent unconscious. Unsurprisingly, he never uses this ability again. I think that kinda proves he has a story breaker power.
05:05:55 AM Apr 24th 2012
Well, the only person he used it on (Uryu) was extremely fatigued and barely standing. Who's to say what it would do to healthier opponent, or someone with higher spirit energy? His Bankai might fit even if his Shikai doesn't, though.
12:47:37 PM Dec 24th 2010
Hey, why are there two articles for this? Story-Breaker Power and Super Power Lottery use the same text and examples, almost work for word.
11:20:46 PM Dec 28th 2010
Looks like somebody bulldozed this one and copied the other one over it. Page history says this happened on November 15th.
06:33:30 AM Dec 29th 2010
My bad, I think. I must have been editing Super Power Lottery and this at the same time and somehow mixed them up. The change is reverted now, and I'll port over the new examples added between now and November the SPL.
09:15:06 AM Oct 15th 2010
how is accelerator listed as a story-breaker in a verse that is full of guys who make him look normal by comparison? heck, he's not even among the 5 strongest guys/beings in the story, and even if we consider only the humans, he's still far, FAR below Fiamma, and most likely Aleister and possibly even Aurrelus...
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