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03:12:43 AM Dec 9th 2017
Are real life examples allowed (in weapons that are poor quality)?
06:21:56 PM Mar 21st 2015
I cut that out because I believe it needs a heavy rewrite.

  • Pokémon both subverts this and plays this straight. On the one hand, there are no truly useless Pokémon. On the other hand, in terms of competitive play, there is a tier known as "Never Used (NU)". This is because they often have horrible stats and are not very good in battle. HM Slaves (Such as Bibarel), for example, are very useful when getting around from "Point A" to "Point B" but are terrible in battle.
    • As of the White and Black series of games, competitive Pokemon battlers have created a "Never Ever Used (NEU)" tier, which is even lower than NU.
Not anyone who played Pokemon cares about competitive battles. I know, the entry says moves and mons are allowed. But it barely tells which Pokemon is useless in both competitive and main game.

  • On the other hand, there are a few truly "useless" moves. The most famous example is Splash, which does absolutely nothing. This is even lampshaded in Pokémon Stadium, where using Splash will cause the announcer to exclaim "What's the point of splashing?!"

Really? Out of all the moves, Splash which is intended to do nothing at all is on here? How about Cut? Flash in Generation I-III?

I'm not sure what should I say other than I don't feel it's important to state that. I'm just leaving that here.
07:06:15 AM Sep 5th 2012
edited by VictorDamazio
Team Fortress 2: Quick-Fix should be there:

  • The Quick-Fix gets a huge hatedom among players, this Medi Gun doesn't overheal and the Übercharge doesn't give invulnerability or crits like the stock one or the Kritzkrieg, it heals faster, the Über is built much faster and the Übercharge instead heals players even faster for some seconds and protects you and the patient from knockback, but still is very hated, and to make it worse, even tough the game is about teamwork, many players don't care if you're using most of these scrappy weapons, but when you're a Medic, the entire team is in your hands, so if you insist in using the Quick-Fix, expect many players asking you to switch for another Medi Gun.

I play with the Quick-Fix, and it's all true.

I hate when I'm playing with the Quick-Fix, and the other players ask me to switch for another Medi Gun, even if I'm doing a good job.

11:50:20 PM May 27th 2011
It seems that some Justifying Edits suddenly appeared in the TF 2 section. They seem... inaccurate in their facts, and unnessacery. Mostly, they're just shilling the good points of the weapons while ignoring their glaring flaws, which is how they got here in the first place. The Sydney Sleeper one isn't even a justification. I think they might need at least a bit of editing.
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