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07:46:28 PM Jul 28th 2010
edited by berr
Mo Cell Man wrote:

rename update - Heart of Darkness now refers to the work, not a trope. Trope that was there is now Send in the Search Team. Trope broadened, comparison no longer works.

Mo Cell Man wrote: see previous edit. Will try to figure out what to do with removed text.

This trope was popularized in Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness. However, this is a more universal feature of wilderness expeditions, and predates Conrad. Heart of Darkness is a rather specific subtrope in which the destination is known, but turns out not to be what the protagonists expected: it is the welcoming party who poses the greatest danger, and the captain must extricate his remaining men.

Thanks for updating it Mo Cell Man. You're right, hard to tell what (if anything) needed to be done with that sentence.

I inserted a simple "compare Send in the Search Team", since the new title for that trope is fairly self-explanatory.

The old "Heart Of Darkness" trope was too similar to Late to the Party the way it was written. Send in the Search Team is broader, and is now somewhere halfway between this trope and that trope.
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