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08:02:10 PM Jun 4th 2015
edited by Dere
Isn't there an article for the OPPOSITE of this trope? That is, when an adaptation starts out fairly different from the source material, but becomes closer to it later?
10:55:28 PM Jun 4th 2015
Might want to ask the Trope Finder.
03:19:20 PM Apr 29th 2015
edited by DaibhidC
Pulled this:

  • Speaking of Catwoman, she didn't become that antihero we know and love today until she was portrayed that way in Batman Returns. Before that, she was purely a villain.

Sorry, but no. The original Earth-2 Catwoman reformed in 1950, citing Amnesiac Dissonance (it would later be revealed she was Faking Amnesia, but her Heel–Face Turn was genuine) and was revealed to have married Bruce Wayne in the Seventies.

The Earth-1 Catwoman also becomes an anti-hero towards the end of The Bronze Age of Comic Books; by 1979 she's a Wayne Enterprises freelancer and Bruce's regular love interest.Before they get rewritten by Crisis on Infinite Earths, 1986 comics have Bruce and Selina basically going on crime-busting dates, a bit like Green Arrow and Black Canary (whom they team up with at one point).

And the post-Crisis Catwoman started off as a villain with a sympathetic backstory, which her 1989 miniseries (still three years before Returns) expanded on to make her something of a protector, at least of the people she knew.
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