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09:47:54 AM Jan 7th 2011
I don't think many middle-aged people complaining about 'music these days' are really talking about adult content, so much as lousy quality.
01:32:46 AM Jul 19th 2010
Cut the Simpsons; Mr. Burns is a non-example as the absurdity of his age is pretty much a constant. Disco Stu similarly runs on Rule of Funny.

  • Even if The Simpsons stays on the air for another 50 years, Mr. Burns will never be too young to have experienced the crash of 1929.
    • Mister Burns has been pictured "terrorizing children in this 1850's woodcut", so it's no problem. He's functionally immortal, anyway.
    • Considering that Disco "died" circa 1980, Disco Stu must actually now be a Disco revivalist rather than a literal Disco Dan from The '70s (assuming he's approximately the same age as Homer).
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