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11:08:35 AM Dec 23rd 2017
Can the trope name be changed?
09:42:45 PM Oct 28th 2016
Is this just for real cultures, or for black culture in particular? I saw it on a works page about a human who was interested in the culture of the story's mermaids... is that wrong?
02:15:12 AM Jul 26th 2015
The link to Foreign Culture Fetish creates a Morton's Fork; If you do find a foreign culture to be interesting you're a fetishist, but if you don't you an ethnocentrist or a xenophobe.
02:01:23 AM Dec 28th 2013
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This is a trope, but its converse is not, because the converse is not a trope? Arguably false. Perhaps because most tropers are white, and either afraid of themselves falling into this trope, or because they don't have N-Word Privileges, or else think it's too taboo to point out the phenomenon of the "oreo" as a trope, that trope is not documented herein.

Well, it's a trope, whether it's melaninically taboo or not.

Why is "white guy trying to be "black"/urban" an acceptable trope to acknowledge, but "black guy trying to be "white"/sophisticated" is not?

For example, here are some undeniably deliberate cases of black characters in movies whose perceived lack of "blackness" is exploited for comedic value and/or contrast with "blacker" characters:

12:03:37 AM Jan 26th 2014
Well, if you think that it's a trope, you could always make a YKTTW. Nothing's stopping you!
09:41:54 PM Oct 28th 2016
There's a trope for it now.
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