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[[caption-width-right:250:"S'up, homies?"]]

->''"Officer, you only pulled me over because I think I'm black."''
-->-- ''Magazine/{{MAD}}'' spoof of ''Film/EightMile''

If you're not particularly xenophobic or ethnocentric, you might [[ForeignCultureFetish find parts of other cultures to be interesting or cool]]. So you might have the urge to at least once in a while try to imitate part of that culture, like the dialect, slang, or accent. Now the problem is that you don't have a deep understanding of the culture's origins and meanings, so you should at least pay close attention to what you are about to imitate, preferably with some practice beforehand.

If you don't, you will look silly ''at the very least''. Worse, in fiction ([[FlameWar and on]] [[{{Gift}} the Internet]]), wars have started that way.

The most common form of this is likely just trying to imitate an accent. The most notorious form is middle class {{suburb|ia}}an white kids imitating the urban black culture. Note that it's the middle class culture, not the race, that determines whether someone's a poser. You can be Asian, Native American, AmbiguouslyBrown, or even African American, and still not be able to imitate the urban culture. The end result of this usually sounds TotallyRadical to natives of said culture. These people are sometimes called "wiggers", a portmanteau of combining the words "white" (or "wannabe" since the person in question may not be white) and a certain racial slur that [[NWordPrivileges white people generally avoid using]] (except for these guys, often with [[HilarityEnsues hilarious consequences]]).

This version of the character, which was especially prevalent (and mocked) in TheNineties, is likely to become a DiscreditedTrope soon, as [[HipHop rap music]], like [[RockAndRoll rock 'n' roll]] decades before, has become mainstream enough so that white people who enjoy it aren't automatically labeled as posers. However, as long as there are {{subculture}}s associated with particular ethnic or socioeconomic groups, new versions of this trope will likely exist until the end of time.

Another variation is white people, usually otaku, who are obsessed with Japanese culture. These people are often called "Wapanese" or, due to the efforts of 4Chan, "[[OccidentalOtaku weeaboos]]." [[note]]It is often said that you can still like the Japanese culture and not be a weaboo, but if you reject your native culture in favor of a stereotyped and distorted image of Japanese culture formed from only consuming highly stylized media, that is being a weaboo.[[/note]]

This is a subtrope of a greater phenomenon called [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_appropriation cultural appropriation]], which is when a member of one culture takes on some of the trappings of another culture, such as clothing, music, and religious or political symbols. Typically (but not always) it is a member of a more dominant culture (IE those involved in colonialism) (IE MightyWhitey cultures) ripping off a less-powerful one (IE those that were colonies). It's usually done for the sake of glamor and exoticism, often with a very superficial (if not nonexistent) understanding of that culture. This can result in the culture becoming misrepresented or oversimplified. TropesAreTools, but this one is particularly fraught with complications.
* If the Cultural Appropriation is from a less-powerful culture to a more-powerful one, it can be PlayedForLaughs on a meta-narrative level. "Sure, I got EagleLand wrong, but go look at all these Hollywood movies that got it right." But if it's a Hollywood movie that gets it wrong -- say, a movie that [[Film/FiftyShadesOfGrey completely misrepresents BDSM]] -- what do we compare it to? Films about non-dominant cultures ''by'' non-dominant cultures may not reach a wide audience or even ''exist''. (Okay, BDSM is a bad example, since TheInternetIsForPorn, but you see what we're getting at.)
* The upside is that sometimes Cultural Appropriation is the only means by which a wide audience gets exposed to the culture ''at all''. There is NoSuchThingAsBadPublicity, after all. Besides, cultural appropriation ''can'' be performed in a respectful manner. ''Disney/{{Moana}}'', for instance, is a story about Pacific Islanders by white people, and most agree that the white people did a pretty good job of it -- for instance, by actually hiring a number of Polynesian people to work behind the scenes and guarantee some level of authenticity.

This trope has some similarities to {{blackface}}. The difference is that blackface is done to mock black people deliberately, while this trope is usually done out of admiration or [[ForeignCultureFetish fetishization]] of black culture. However, if it's not done carefully, this trope can appear just as insulting as blackface. Also see ModernMinstrelsy.

Contrast MightyWhitey for when a white person enters a non-white culture and becomes its greatest member, and TheWhitestBlackGuy for when one has trouble fully-identifying with one's own group.

See also WhiteGangBangers.


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* Bet you didn't see this coming did you? Actually, the "classic" depiction of JapaneseDelinquents (face masks, triangle shades, pompadours, sarashi, etc...) in anime has decreased quite a bit in recent years, having been replaced by pierced youth in baggy "urban" wear (at mildest) to even full-blown "gangsta"-wannabes at worst.
* ''LightNovel/{{Durarara}}'' had a bunch of them in episode 3.
** Most infamously, the memetic "Hiroshi": "Yo, Yo, YO! HEY MAN!"
** As Simon (the only ACTUAL [[TokenBlack black person in the show]]) best put it, "Unfortunately there are guys like these in every country."
* Agon of ''Manga/{{Eyeshield 21}}'' dresses and behaves somewhat like a gangster, though he atleast has the sense not to talk like one. Still, even by Eyeshield standards, he looks rather silly with his long dreads, gold chain, and baggy pants.
* ''Manga/PeepoChoo'' has Morimoto "Rockstar", an AxCrazy yakuza boss who insists on dressing and acting like his own somewhat-distorted idea of an African-American hip-hop gangster.
* Some of Kenji's buddies in ''Manga/MyLittleMonster''.
* Anime/PokemonXY, of all things, features a pair of kids with backwards hats constantly spouting "YO YO YO!" while striking goofy poses and pointing, at least in the Japanese version.
* In the ''Manga/DeathNote'' manga, some of Mello's dialogue was translated in this manner by some English translators, who felt that this was the best (or at least closest) translation to Mello's extremely informal speech pattern. (Only in some manga translations, not any official translation of the anime.) Interestingly, he seems to adopt a (somewhat) more formal speech pattern (and thus loses this one in the translations) after he gets hurt in an explosion he created.

* ''Website/TheOnion'': [[http://www.theonion.com/personalities/herbert-kornfeld,1019/ Herbert Kornfeld, Accountz Reeceevin.]] Mourn ya till I join ya.

* In a series of commercials for T-Mobile, a gang of these represent their fictional competitor, Poser Mobile, in an obvious TakeThat against the hip-hop-themed ads for Sprint's Boost Mobile prepaid service.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUwn4Ki9_ec One Holiday Inn Express commercial]] shows a shrimpy white guy in a button down shirt and glasses carrying his dry cleaning home, only for a black youngster and his friends to pick on him by freestyling about how corny he looks. The white guy then hands one of them his dry cleaning and proceeds to [[MotorMouth rap circles around them for a good minute]], concluding that he could because he got a good night's sleep at Holiday Inn Express last night, leaving them all speechless.

* In an issue of ''ComicBook/GothamCentral'', Detectives Romy Chandler and Marcus Driver are chasing a couple of teenage white kids who speak and dress like hip-hoppers. When the kids get caught they profess their innocence and Romy points out that they assaulted an officer, which would mean time in juvie, where "you can see how much real brothers like rich white kids co-opting their culture, '[[IronicEcho dog]].'"
* Pops up from time to time in the Swedish [[UndergroundComics underground comic]] ''Comicbook/{{Rocky}}''.
* Phat from ''[[ComicBook/XForce X-Statix]]'' is the scion of a rich family who poses as a hood rat as a ploy to get into what was at the time X-Force. It worked ''fantastically''; evidently none of his teammates ever suspected he wasn't actually born and raised in an impoverished inner city home. AngryBlackMan teammate the Spike has a problem with the Anarchist, an adopted black man raised by white parents, but not Phat.
* Boogeyman of Milestone's ''ComicBook/BloodSyndicate'' was the TokenWhite of the predominantly black and Latino team of ex-gangbangers. His power is that he was a were-rat, meaning that the rest of the team doesn't even know he's white. He hangs with the Syndicate because it excites him -- unlike the rest of the group, he comes from a stable middle-class household. He also talks like he just stepped out of a rap video, though this might be his way of disguising his race.
* Punchy in ''ComicBook/TheIntimates'' doesn't dress like a wannabe hood rat, but definitely talks like one. He does so to put on a "tough" or "cool" front. Other characters notice, and sometimes even insult him for it.
* {{Lampshaded}} in ''[[Comicbook/FreedomFighters The Ray]]'':
-->'''Ray''': You know a ''lot'' of black guys, don't you?
-->'''Hank''': "Creator/{{MTV}}".
-->'''Ray''': Got it.

[[folder:Fan Fiction]]
* From ''Fanfic/MyImmortal'', [[Music/SnoopDogg Snoop]], [[Franchise/HarryPotter AKA Snape]], has a tendency to [[GangstaRap rap]] people when he gets mad. Also, [[RougeAnglesOfSatin Hargrid]] seems to be a fan of 50 Cent.
* ''Fanfic/HermionesTalent'' makes Neville Longbottom (!) into one of these.
* ''Fanfic/AllYouNeedIsLove'': Ah, Mello. You ridiculous British blonde kid. [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch "You shittin' me, bitch!"]]

* Almost got a couple of kids beat up in ''Film/CantHardlyWait'', when they say to some of their black classmates, "[[NWordPrivileges What's up with my niggas!]]"
* ''Film/NotAnotherTeenMovie'' made fun of that, but with a white kid trying to be Chinese. He calls a group of Asian students [[NWordPrivileges "chinks"]] and is promptly kicked in the face. In a scene later on in the movie, he gets picked on by some white kids who think they're black.
-->'''White Guy:''' Damn, Shorty, dawg is pretendin' to be all Asian, and shit.
-->'''Even Whiter Guy:''' That Cracka is white! Can't he see dat yo?
* In Ralph Macchio's ('''NOT''' Music/BritneySpears') movie ''Crossroads'', the lead character idolizes blues music, but he looks at it as purely an art form. It only penetrates that the blues is a state of mind and heart when the love interest abandons him without even saying goodbye.
* Collins in ''Film/{{Idiocracy}}''. Interestingly, he seems to hit it off pretty well with Upgrayedd ("With two D's for a 'double dose' of his pimping"), if his slide show is anything to go by. Part of the reason that the plot happens, furthermore, is that Collins ends up getting arrested by military police. It's implied that he took to the pimping lifestyle a little too closely...
* ''Film/{{Transformers}}'':
** The movie brings us Jazz, an ''alien robot'' who deliberately takes on JiveTurkey mannerisms, as Optimus noted that they learned Earth's languages from the web.
** When Sam Witwicky is being questioned by the police, he sees one of the cop's guns, and that cop says, "You eyein' my piece, Music/FiftyCent?" Sam [[LampshadeHanging lampshades]] the line, and the short rant that follows, with, "Are ''you'' on drugs?"
** In the sequel ''Film/TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen'', the Twins are meant to be this according to WordOfGod. And since, functionally, they're callously imitating black culture as they see it on TV and such, this makes sense. However, as they were neither white nor black but ''bright orange'' and ''bright green'', there was little physical anchor for the joke, meaning that most people who saw the movie thought they were meant to be caricatures of actual hood rats.
* A rather interesting one from 1935 in the film ''Film/TheGhostGoesWest'': Mr. Martin, a Capitalist American, wears a kilt even though he doesn't have one ounce of Scottish blood. Then, when Donald Glourie, an acutal Scotsman, shows the tradition of having bagpipers play before dinner, Martin does the same thing when he introduces his new castle in Florida except with jazz musicians. Which comes off as Americanized cultural appropriation of In-universe Scottish traditions.
* Parodied in ''Film/GranTorino'', where a young white man's pretending to be black first just pisses off three actual black youths, and then earns him a scathing assessment from Walt (Clint Eastwood). Especially funny in that the white youth in question is played by Eastwood's son.
* ''Film/TheOnionMovie'' has a young white man who goes around pretending he's black... who later gets arrested by two racist cops and jailed for crime he didn't commit based on the 'colour of his skin'.
* The French film ''Il était une fois dans l'oued'' is about a Frenchman who adopts an Arab lifestyle and moves to Algeria. He tries to convince everyone he's the real thing even though he doesn't look Arab at all. (For the sake of accuracy, it is worth noting that there ''are'' some people in Algeria whose features are European and who may even have blond hair, but the film doesn't dwell on this).
* An interesting variety of this is Willy from ''Film/StrangerThanParadise'', a Hungarian immigrant to the United States who considers himself assimilated into American culture... [[DiscoDan which he apparently defines as acting like a 1950s beatnik]].
* Creator/SpikeLee's scathing ''Film/{{Bamboozled}}'' has a spectrum of these characters, including a black TV executive acting painfully white, his white boss acting painfully ''black,'' a multiethnic gangsta rap band living up to all the wrong stereotypes (one of whom is white, yet protests that he's black while being busted by a cop who actually ''is'' black), and a TV show that's based around minstrel-show caricatures yet winds up being a hit with audiences of all ethnicities.
* The ''very'' [[TheEighties eighties]] movie ''Film/TeenWitch'' involved rapping by ''very'' white people. However, hip hop was still a very young genre at the time of filming, with many of its conventions still unformed, so it's more a case of TotallyRadical.
* The movie ''Film/{{Barbershop}}'' features a white guy who actually is from the streets and thus dresses, speaks, and acts accordingly - who is offended when a nerdy middle class black guy implies he's somehow pretending to be something he's not based solely on the color of his skin.
* [[Film/TheLastDragon Bery Gordy's The Last Dragon]] both plays this straight with a trio of Asian rapper wannabes and reversed with Bruce Leroy, who does the same with Chinese culture.
* ''Film/UndercoverBrother''.
** White supremacist Mr. Feather constantly seems to have to battle to suppress an urge to be one of these. This causes him some stress.
--> ''You see what's happening, don't you?! How we're being corrupted by their hipper-than-thou fashion and cool slang you can't help but use?!''
** [[spoiler:The Man]] as well, as revealed at the end.
* The pimp played by Gary Oldman in ''Film/TrueRomance'' believes that he's black, but he's actually a mix of several races. He makes a great show of incorporating stereotypically black speech mannerisms, wears dreadlocks, and makes racist comments against white people he meets.
* The entire movie ''Film/MalibusMostWanted''. This also applies to one of the black actors hired to portray thugs from the hood. Being a trained actor, he doesn't know much about life in the hood. He is even shown reading an urban dictionary at one point, trying to learn words like "wack" and "dis".
* ''Film/TenThingsIHateAboutYou'' - When Michael is showing Cameron around the school, one of the cliques he points out is the "White Rastas," who "think they're black" but "mostly smoke a lot of weed."
-->'''Mr. Morgan:''' I know how difficult it must be for you to overcome all those years of upper middle-class suburban oppression. Must be tough. But the next time you storm the PTA crusading for better... lunch meat, or whatever it is you white girls complain about, ask them WHY they can't buy a book written by a black man!
-->'''White Rastas:''' That's right mon!
-->'''Mr. Morgan:''' Don't even get me started on you two.
* In ''Film/QuigleyDownUnder'', the Australian Marston is obsessed with TheWildWest.
* In ''Film/{{Hidalgo}}'', an Arabian sheik is fascinated by American culture and anything related to cowboys.
* In ''Film/SavingPrivateRyan'', a German soldier is captured by Americans. Fearing execution, he starts sucking up to them by talking about American pop culture and butchering the Star-Spangled Banner.
* Film/MarciX has to show, on stage at a rap concert, that she is real. She succeeds.
* A good half of Creator/ChanningTatum's roles. The other half is "Southern guy who beats up people".
* ''Film/{{Bulworth}}'' has ''Creator/WarrenBeatty'', of all people, becoming one of these as a result of a HollywoodMidLifeCrisis. He was a US Senator with falling popularity ratings until he snaps and randomly starts rapping at his campaign appearances (he even manages to seduce Creator/HalleBerry's character), and it culminates in a TV talk show appearance where he claims that the solution to racism is genetic mixing until "everyone's the same color." [[spoiler: Then he gets [[ShootTheShaggyDog mysteriously assassinated.]]]]
* ''Film/ScaryMovie3'' has a subplot spoofing ''8 Mile''. George Bitner is a whitebread farm boy who has two [[BlackBestFriend black best friends]] and participates in rap battles. When his older brother denounces his interests, George declares "You just hate me cuz I'm black."
%%* Hoopz from the ''Film/WrongTurn''-esque ''Detour''. Surprisingly, he survives the entire film.
%%* Lincoln from ''Film/MotorHomeMassacre''. Unlike the above, this slasher does not make the mistake of letting this obnoxious character live.
* Both played straight and averted in ''Film/QueensLogic''. Eliot (John Malkovich) describes his friend Denny (Creator/KevinBacon) as having "problems"; "He's a white man who thinks he's Music/JamesBrown."
** Al (Joe Mantegna), on the other hand, averts the trope:
-->'''Grace:''' Got stress, huh?
-->'''Al:''' (''as hip-hop plays in the background'') Who wouldn't? This music would make Will Rogers punch a nun!
* In ''Film/{{Dirty Love}}'', Music/CarmenElectra plays the protagonist's BlackBestFriend. Yeah.
* In ''Film/DownToEarth'', Creator/ChrisRock plays a stand-up comedian who dies and whose soul is put into the body of a wealthy middle-aged white guy. So, now you got a typical white board member acting and talking like, well, Chris Rock. To everyone but him, he looks like a typical example of this trope. He even gets punched out once by a pair of black guys for singing along to "[[Music/{{DMX}} Ruff Ryders' Anthem]]" in a public place, and the audience's reaction when he goes to a comedy club at a black neighborhood and starts to deliver his usual routine is priceless. Then there is an attempt by the white guy's wife (played by Jennifer Coolidge) to act "street" to get his attention.
* In ''Film/ScoobyDoo'', the teens leaving the mysterious island all appear to fit this trope, despite being predominantly white. [[spoiler:They're actually demons disguised as "typical American teenagers", studying "proper slang" to fit in]].
* In ''Film/TourDePharmacy'', this is an ExaggeratedTrope with Marty, who is a white person of American descent born and raised in Nigeria and touts being the first Nigerian in the Tour de France [[spoiler: (and when Slim Robinson, an African-American wins, he bemoans the fact that an African such as himself didn't win)]]. In reality, he attended American schools and didn't interact with any actual black Nigerians.
* In ''Film/GirlsTrip'' Ryan's assistant/agent is played by KateWalsh and tries to be "down" with her boss. Emphasis on "tries." It's more "trying to relate" than full on "cultural appropriate."


* The earlier ''Literature/AdrianMole'' books contained the character of Adrian's classmate Danny: who was ''possibly'' a white kid who had dreadlocks, wrote reggae music and spoke in a poor imitation of Jamaican patois. He even referred to Adrian as a "honky". Adrian's response: "What a cheek, he's twice as white as I am!" (However, Adrian also refers to Danny as "the albino rasta"; whether this was just a sarcastic reference to his whiteness, or really indicated he was albino [and therefore may have actually been Afro-Caribbean despite appearing "white"] is unclear.)
* In ''Literature/CatchTwentyTwo'' they obviously hate Yossarian because he's Assyrian. Even if he's [[UsefulNotes/{{Armenia}} not]]. He isn't too serious about it, though.
* A fantastic version appears in ''[[Literature/CiaphasCain For The Emperor]]''. Part of the population of Gravalax, due to being close to the Tau territories, absorbed their ideals and customs and looks up to them. Some go as far as to paint their skin blue. Justified: [[spoiler:actually it's the Tyranid infiltration stirring up the FantasticRacism.]]
* In another ''[=40k=]'' story, the novelization of ''VideoGame/FireWarrior'', a group of Tau ambassadors meet with imperial Space Marines to negotiate a cease-fire. The Tau are dressed in facsimiles of Imperial officer uniforms, but the medals and other finery are so crude that the Marines have to restrain themselves from bursting out laughing.
* The narrator/protagonist/author self-insert of ''Literature/EatPrayLove'' sometimes invokes this trope - especially during her contemplations on Indian spirituality.
* In the ''Literature/{{Spenser}}'' books by Creator/RobertBParker, Tony Marcus, the black crimelord, has a white son-in-law who considers himself "spiritually black" and acts accordingly. Tony would have him killed, except that his only daughter has taken it into her head to love the fool. Tony calls this character a "blackberry", which is a little politer than "wigger", but still prompts Spenser to exclaim "There's a word for people like that!?"
* In ''Literature/TheWheelOfTime'', after [[ProudWarriorRace the Aiel]] conquer Cairhien for the second time in living memory, many young Cairhienen take to imitating Aiel dress and culture, organizing themselves into warrior societies in imitation of them, and attempting to follow (sometimes heavily modified versions of) ''ji'e'toh'', the elaborate Aiel CodeOfHonor and etiquette. Reactions from the Aiel range from deep offense to mild exasperation to sometimes-earnest, sometimes-patronizing attempts to teach them how to more authentically follow Aiel customs. This is something of an {{inversion}} of the usual pattern of a more-powerful culture appropriating a less-powerful one due to exoticism or fetishization; here, it's more about a conquered culture developing an inferiority complex and figuring the conquerors must be doing ''something'' right.
* Creator/TerryPratchett's ''Literature/{{Discworld}}''
** This mind-set is satirised in the character of Ms Estressa Partleigh, who despite being human leads a dwarf activist group demanding equal rights and an end to discrimination. The Dwarf-Human thing is used as a JustForFun/FantasyCounterpart exploring questions of race, ethnicity and identity; there are humans who ''are'' accepted as part of dwarf society because they follow dwarf ritual (Carrot, Pepe), and it's implied that Ms Partleigh ''doesn't'', and most dwarfs ignore the Campaign for Equal Heights as politely as possible.
** There's also VampireVannabe Doreen Winkins, who's Pretty Bat for a Live Girl. In her case the ultimate irony is that the group she's a member of (the {{Uberwald}} League of [[VegetarianVampire Temperance]]) mostly consists of vampires who are trying to move away from all the stereotypes she enthusiastically embraces. Doreen's husband actually ''is'' a vampire (factually but not culturally) and resents/resists Doreen's efforts to make him act more like she thinks he "should".

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* Creator/JonStewart mocks this in one of his more recent standup routines. He says that middle-class people (not just white people) shouldn't try to talk like inner-city gangsters, because they have no connection to that culture aside from what they see on TV. It would make as much sense for them to talk like a pirate (Talk Like a Pirate Day notwithstanding).
-->'' "How was the party?" " 'Twas a fine shindig indeed, arrrr!"''
* Ali G from ''Series/DaAliGShow'' is a Jewish guy acting the part of a stereotypical white middle class wannabe who actually expects people to believe he's a black man from the ghetto. Ta-daa!
%% Ali G acts just like a stereotypical Indian /Pakistani teenager from the Staines/Slough (a couple a miles west of UsefulNotes/{{London}}) area where he is supposed to be from. Most British viewers, however, simply seem to view him as a stereotypical "chav".
* This happens to Dr. Joel Fleischman in the ''Series/NorthernExposure'' episode "The Mystery of the Old Curio Shop", when Fleischman tries to connect with the "Hebrew Heritage" of Cicely, Alaska. This is slightly subverted by the fact that Fleischman is himself Jewish, yet is still berated for trying to "act Jewish".
* J.D.'s attempts in ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'' at acting black usually fall disastrously short. Turk is generally more successful but is nonetheless called on this behavior when Dr Cox claims Turk isn't really black. Some of Dr. Cox's evidence is that Turk has a geeky white best friend, listens to Neil Diamond, and [[JiveTurkey acts like a black guy]], all of which are traits seen in white guys. Dr. Cox also mentions that Turk is merely the tenth best basketball player out of the mostly white hospital staff. This is partly a result of the show's shifting characterization and {{Flanderization}}: early seasons played off the SaltAndPepper pairing of JD and Turk much more, with Turk having a much more authentically "urban" persona with a [[BlackAndNerdy geeky, nerdy streak]]. Then there was that time Turk got schooled on black culture by the two whitest chicks in the hospital.
* Jesse on ''Series/BreakingBad'' is an interesting variation[[note]]bitch[[/note]]. He plays it straightest in the early seasons, dressing and acting in a stereotypically "street" way, emulating the drug culture he's been immersed in for seemingly his entire adult life, although his background is affluent. Unlike most examples, he ''never'' fully "breaks character" and acts according to his culture of origin, and in fact, in later seasons when he stops acting quite so aggressively "street," he still falls back into street lingo during moments of extreme stress. As far as the viewer can tell, his drug-culture identity is entirely internalized and to that extent is just as genuine as the more moderate (but not fully affluent or "white") cultural identity he sometimes displays. In this way, it's almost more like the phenomenon of "[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code-switching code-switching]]" that bi- or multi-cultural people sometimes display.
* One episode of ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'' has a sci-fi example, the Doctor creates a holographic family for himself, and his son starts [[TokenHuman hanging out with a bunch of Klingon kids]], dressing like them, doing his hair like them, and even carrying Klingon knives. For an added level of meta-tude, Klingons are RubberForeheadAliens usually played by black actors.
* Series/DogTheBountyHunter when he tries to speak Pidgin.
* This type is rather common among the miscreants seen on [=TruTV=]'s ''Speeders'' or ''The Smoking Gun Presents''.
* ''Series/{{Skins}}'' plays with this a little. Jal's two brothers have a white friend who fits this perfectly. Somewhat subverted, in that the brothers' own attempts at being "street" are shown to be just as ludicrous.
* ''Series/ChappellesShow'':
** Parodied when a blind black Klan leader (long story short: he doesn't know he's black) encounters a group of (white) teenagers in a convertible listening to gangsta rap, assumes they're black, and yells racial abuse at them. Far from being offended, the teens are psyched that he thinks that they're street.
** Parodied with the "[[SomeOfMyBestFriendsAreX I Know Black People]]" sketch, which was a game show asking mostly white contestants about black culture. Many of them fell into this trope and some would get basic questions wrong. However a RunningGag was that they would get the answers right because the answers to the questions would frequently be basic answers like "I don't know".
* J-Roc from ''Series/TrailerParkBoys'' does this and legitimately thinks he is black, which the other park residents have all accepted by now. Hilariously, before he got into rap, [[DoNotCallMePaul Jamie]] used to dress and act ''extremely'' white... [[InvertedTrope and so did his actually black friend Tyrone]] (who now goes by "T"). J-Roc briefly reverted to being Jamie after suffering a HeroicBSOD when one of his favourite rappers told him he wasn't black. His mother made him feel better by telling him she dated a lot of black guys around the time he was conceived.
* In ''Series/TheThickOfIt'', {{Oxbridge}}[=-=]educated posh boy Olly sometimes tries to put on a humourous Jafakean accent. The effect is ludicrous:
--> "Ah'm from Lincolnshire, wiv all da windmills and da potatoes and da shit..."
* One episode of ''Series/EverybodyLovesRaymond'' spoofed this trope. Ray's brother Robert, desperate to fit in with his African-American partner on the police force and her friends, spends most of the episode trying to act stereotypically "black." Raymond and the rest of the family are bewildered by this. At the end of the episode, Robbie's partner reveals to Ray that Robbie's new behavior is annoying and offending her friends, unsurprisingly. When Ray tells Robert about this, it results in the classic line:
-->'''Ray:''' ''Robert, we're Italian. [[TheMafia The word "whack" means something else to us!]]''
* Bozz Bishop from ''Series/NashBridges''.
* Buckwild from ''Series/FlavorOfLove''. Every single black person on the show calls her out on it. She has a hilarious OohMeAccentsSlipping moment when she gets angry enough to forget her ghetto act.
* Sebastian, alias C-Bass, from ''Halfway Home'' may be an actual black guy and he may be an actual convict. But he's from a very rich family and he went to prison for identity theft. His protests that living in a very big house can be inconvenient don't help the image he's attempting to cultivate.
* ''Series/BoardwalkEmpire'' has the bootlegger Mieczyslaw Kuzik who changed his name to Mickey Doyle to better fit in with the Irish gangsters running Atlantic City. He is constantly mocked for it. However, he does not try to act particularly 'Irish' probably because the people he is trying to imitate are well integrated Irish-Americans who do not fit the stereotypes.
* In Artie's case on ''Series/{{Glee}}'': White, nerdy, and wheel-chair bound, he frequently slips into stereotypically "black" slang (usually RuleOfFunny), and it's fully expected that this trope is in full play.
* In ''Series/TwoAndAHalfMen,'' Jake starts talking like this after watching MTV Cribs:
--> '''Jake''': Yo, this sculpture's off the HOOK, yo!!
--> '''Charlie''': Jake, I'm not gonna say this again; you're a pasty white kid. Start acting like one!!
* David Apolskis on ''Series/PrisonBreak''. An inmate in the Fox River max-security prison which (like most real world prisons) is divided along racial lines, he quickly becomes rejected by both black inmates for trying to affiliate himself with them, and by white inmates for trying to affiliate himself with black inmates, earning him the nickname "Tweener" (In-Betweener). Lampshaded by T-Bag, the leader of a white racist gang:
--> '''T-Bag''': "The boy sure seems confused about his pigmentation."
* A common ButtMonkey in ''Series/TheWire'' (often WhiteGangBangers), with various such characters getting called out on it by Nick Sobotka, Herc and Carver.
* Shmulie and David (both Orthodox Jews) in the ''Series/TwoBrokeGirls'' episode "And the Kosher Cupcakes", when their mother's not around.
* Mr. Drummond and Kimberly on ''Series/DiffrentStrokes'' occasionally.
* Olive Doyle on ''Series/ANTFarm'' "has spit fire into the mic" on more than one occasion.
* Fraser, the 'headmaster' of Abbey Grove School in ''Series/BadEducation'' certainly counts. This is also deconstructed, as he is generally considered by the rest of the cast to be an incompetent CloudCuckoolander.
** A NoodleIncident implies that he was sent to a Racial Sensitivity Panel after believing (for whatever reason) he had NWordPrivileges.
* On a similar note. [[Series/ICarly Sam Puckett]] shows she has flows, and thus is also pretty fly.
* On ''Series/TheGeorgeLopezShow'', one of the factory workers named Marisol (who is Mexican) has an ex-boyfriend who harasses her at the factory. He is a white guy who talks with a Chicano accent and dresses like a wannabe thug. George even refers to him as "Slim Shady".
* In an episode of ''Series/{{Reba}}'' Reba temporarily takes in a black family who were displaced after Hurricane Katrina (the show took place in Houston.) Barbara Jean then turns into this, braiding her hair in cornrows and acting like one stereotype after another. Reba chastises her for this ("You are the whitest person in Texas! You are the whitest person in ''Holland!'' Stop that!") At the end of the episode, they receive a letter from the family when they move back to rebuild, and they ask Barbara Jean to visit, since they keep telling people about her, but everybody assumes they're making her up.
* In the "Miracle on 134th Street" episode of ''Series/{{Amen}}'', Santa visits the Frye house and encounters the streetwise Clarence, quickly assuring him, "I'm down with all the speak, dude!"
* ''Series/SuperStore'' has Cheyenne's baby-daddy-turned-husband Bo, who is a pretty straight-up example.
* The ''Series/LawAndOrderCriminalIntent'', episode "Watch" had the detectives investigating the murder of a black prostitute at an airport, and aimed their suspicions towards a white mechanic accused of making racial slurs. It turns out he's just a durag-sporting wannabe rapper who thought he had NWordPrivileges.

* [[TropeNamers Named]] after the song "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)" by Music/TheOffspring. It looks as though it's about race, but looking closer, it's clear the kid is just middle class, and has no idea of the actual hip-hop and ghetto culture. Thus he looks like a total ass, more so in the music video where he flashes gang-banger signs to a black man and shows off his low-rider's hydraulic system to a pair of Mexicans who obviously shake their heads in consternation. Songwriter Dexter Holland summed up as a song about guys “from, like, Omaha, Nebraska[[note]]Nevermind that [[CriticalResearchFailure Omaha has its ghettos and gangs like any other major city]][[/note]], regular white-bread boys, but who act like they’re from Compton. It’s so fake and obvious that they’re trying to have an identity.”
* Music/BeastieBoys are the UrExample in the rap genre. The first white-boy rap group to gain fame, not to mention the first rap group to top the Billboard album charts. Originally ridiculed for their frat-boy antics and sophomoric lyrics, they evolved over TheNineties [[VindicatedByHistory to become genuine legends]] in the rap and alternative-music universes.
* The Music/{{Pulp}} song "Common People" is about the "slumming" phenomenon where upper class people try to live a working class lifestyle as a kind of "holiday", based on [[VeryLooselyBasedOnATrueStory a real woman that Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker knew]] when he was studying at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Some of the lyrics are particularly relevant:
-->Laugh along with the common people,\\
Laugh along even though they're laughing at you,\\
And the stupid things that you do,\\
Because you think that poor is cool.
* The Sparks song ''Suburban Homeboy'' is all about this idea. "I'm a suburban homeboy, and I say Yo Dog to my pool cleaner guy..."
* Like the Trope Namer, Music/WeirdAlYankovic's "White and Nerdy" focuses on a white dork who wants to roll with the gangstas, but rather than imitating them, he spends most of the song describing just how nerdy he is.
** Weird Al has actually covered the Trope Namer as ''Pretty Fly for a Rabbi'', which [[InvertedTrope inverts things]]: the Rabbi in the song is popular and cool because of how good he is at being Jewish.
* The Afromen had some fun with this in "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4g2bDloU8sk Because We're Too White]]" with their repeatedly stated (and demonstrated) incapacity for doing anything considered the least bit black.
* Music/VanillaIce, although he did come from a lower-class background and got his nickname by way of being the [[TokenMinority only white kid]] in his circle of friends. Most of the actual examples of this trope with him either came later or weren't even of his doing.
* Timothy Westwood is a white British DJ and radio personality and the presenter of the UK version of Series/PimpMyRide. As you'd expect from that and his inclusion on this list he speaks in faux "Black British" street slang with a fake Carribean accent. He went to an exclusive Public School (for the benefit of American readers, in the UK a Public School is one of the top private schools- don't ask, it's complicated) and his father was a bishop. Really.
** Mr. B (the Gentleman Rhymer) mocks him splendidly [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6yh7ftRnw8 here]].
*** It could be argued that Mr. B's entire act is a deliberate defiance of this trope; proof that you don't need to act black to be a white rapper.
** Westwood's fellow BBC radio DJ Nick Grimshaw did a thing in 2013 where he tried to show off his "gangsta side" - turning his breakfast show into "The Breakfast Clique" in reference to the GOOD Music song. While this may have been a joke/spoof/stunt, it doesn't come across well.
* For that matter, the sections of the British blues scene of TheSixties, at least for those less than authentic in their delivery or presentation. This, and the [[FollowTheLeader overexposure]] of blues and R&B influence then popular at the time, helped lead to the very British ProgressiveRock scene. Led Zeppelin, anyone? Robert Plant himself addressed this in an interview when he said "I wanted to sing like Ray Charles, but I was a bit of a nancy boy, so that's what you got." (Led Zeppelin were, of course, later sued for their blues ripoffs). Ian Anderson felt he and his band were stealing a part of black culture and emotional experiences insincerely and not always convincingly, and that by strictly resigning himself to performing a "polite shade" of black American music he had little room for the [[NeoclassicalPunkZydecoRockabilly full extent of music]] he wanted to make. He soon reinvented Music/JethroTull as a very eclectic English/Scottish ProgressiveRock band in TheSeventies.
** A similar thing has been associated with the later post-punk scene, which frequently drew on reggae influences. Music/ThePolice is one of the more notable examples. Partly justified with Music/UB40, since some of its members are actually of Afro-Caribbean descent, and the other members grew up amongst them.
* [[Music/TheLonelyIsland IT IS I,]] [[http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&q=Ras+Trent&aq=f&aql=&aqi=g2g-c1g2g-c1g1g-c1g2&oq= RAS TRENT!]] (There's even a part where he avoids trying to offend the ''actual'' Rastafari in the video.)
** On a meta level, it can be noted that the Lonely Island take great care to always refer to themselves as "fake rappers" to avoid this stereotype.
* [[Music/LimpBizkit Fred Durst]] was considered this for a while, although he's gotten better.
* Some music journalists use the semi-derogatory term "wigger slam" to refer to slam DeathMetal bands, played by white guys who act and dress like black guys. See also the DeathCore page.
** The term has also been used positively, along with spawning several slam parody bands with an exaggerated "wigger" aesthetic, including New Yorkment, FrogKill, Publikk Enema and [[SesquipedalianLoquaciousness Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy]]. "The Defend Wigger Slam Group," a Website/{{Facebook}} group housing over 500 members, frequently lampoons wigger cliches found in slam death metal bands while members of noted slam bands join in on the lighthearted fun. However, WakingTheCadaver vocalist Don Campan, [[http://www.metalsucks.net/2009/05/13/waking-the-cadaver-declares-metal-inquistions-sergeant-d-is-an-internet-fagit/ did not take as kindly]] to his band being described as wigger slam.
* Music/JustinBieber could be described as this, when you take into account his clothing and manner of speech - in particular his overuse of the word "shawty"
* Pat Monahan of Music/{{Train}} tries to do this in "Hey Soul Sister" - it is IMPOSSIBLE to take him seriously when saying "I'm so gangsta, I'm so thug".
* [[Music/TokioHotel Tom Kaulitz]], a German guitar player who has had his hair both in dreadlocks and cornrows and always sports clothes about 100 times too baggy for him. He even has his own shoe.
* Music/{{Eminem}}. While he would be looked up to as an idol by pretty much everyone on this list and even wore an Africa pendant during high school, it should be noted that he came from an impoverished background and was engrossed in Detroit's hip-hop scene instead of simply imitating it. It helps that he stopped wearing baggy sweats and the like after he got sober.
* Somewhat less debatable is Music/KidRock, whose father was a used car salesman.
* According to Music/{{Cage}}, Music/RickRubin attended one of Cage's early performances, dismissed Cage as "a wigga", and walked out.
* Music/FrankZappa's song "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETvoNlcvswI You Are What You Is]]": The first verse is about this, while the second one is about the opposite situation.
* American BlackMetal bands are sometimes accused of this, based on the assumption that black metal is an essentially European artform.
* A non-urban version is lampooned in Alan Jackson's 1994 hit song "Gone Country", although the song is often misinterpreted as being in favor of such a masquerade.
* Canadian reggae artist [[LampshadeHanging Snow]] (born Darrin O'Brien) was often accused of this simply because, well, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin just look at his stage name]]. However, like Eminem, Snow came by it naturally, having grown up in the housing projects in Toronto that had a lot of Caribbean immigrants and thus was exposed to reggae and dancehall throughout his formative years. Having the best-charting and best selling reggae single in North American history helped too.
* White rapper Kreayshawn (born Natassia Zolot) received a lot of criticism for this, being accused of appropriating black culture. [[http://clutchmagonline.com/2011/06/kreayshawn-another-case-of-appropriating-black-culture/ This]] criticism of her says that even the way she dresses is a DoubleStandard, stating that,if a black female rapper were to do the same thing, she'd be accused of being ghetto and uneducated.
** The Game made a diss track against Kreayshawn for precisely this reason, accusing her of needless cultural appropriation. It's entitled "Uncle Otis", and (as the title suggests) he's basically accusing her of reverse UncleTomfoolery.
** To her credit, she has never actually said "nigga"; instead, it was one of her friends, and Zolot has made her displeasure about both being MisBlamed and her friend's use of the word known. The complaints about her appropriation of the "sista" archetype, on the other hand, are still very valid.
* Yelawolf is an aversion; like Eminem, he came from an impoverished background and happened upon hip-hop naturally by way of going to school in the Nashville projects and becoming acclimated with the music there. Furthermore, his topics seldom touch upon the inner city and focus more on the unpleasantries of Deep South life, which is what he was used to.
* Music/JenniferLopez's single "Jenny from the Block" produced a strange example of this. Lopez grew up in [[BigApplesauce the Bronx]], but by the time she released "Jenny from the Block", she was an A-list celebrity dating Creator/BenAffleck. The song was intended to reinforce her street cred as a working-class Puerto Rican girl made good, but it backfired, instead painting an image of Lopez as having lost touch with her roots and, in the process, becoming this trope.
* Music/MileyCyrus' "We Can't Stop" and her twerk-heavy performance of it at the 2013 Video Music Awards was considered by many to fit this trope.
* In the early days of his career, Music/JustinTimberlake was considered by many to be this trope, especially since he came from suburban Memphis but grew up in suburban Orlando and even joked about it himself. Music/{{NSYNC}} even mocked it in "U Drive Me Crazy" where they disguised themselves as a rap group to get the attention of a music executive, who saw right through them.
-->'''Justin''': I'm pretty sure I thought I was black then anyway.
* Record producer Diplo has been accused of appropriating Jamaican culture with his reggae/dancehall-inspired Major Lazer project.
* RitaOra, as seen in the videos for [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1l9WST5lXM "R.I.P."]] and [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50GQjUZ4P3M "I Will Never Let You Down"]].
* Largely {{subverted}} by the {{Nerdcore}} scene. While a bunch of mostly white guys (with a minority of black men, Latinos, women, and people of mixed race) rapping about "geeky" stuff ''should'' be the spitting image of this trope, the fact that they're genuine about their interests makes it subtly different. For the most part, they're not pretending to be anything but what they are: mostly middle-class guys who grew up on equal parts [[TheNineties 90s]] GangstaRap and video games, comics, and sci-fi.
* Music/DavidBowie's short film ''Jazzin' for Blue Jean'' has his StrawLoser protagonist Vic trying to ingratiate himself with a black bouncer at a club he's trying to get into, with results that smack of this trope. He thinks Malcolm X is a band and claims he caught their tour, and seems to be confusing Jesse Jackson with ''Michael'' Jackson!
* Music/IggyAzalea (born Amethyst Kelly) is a rare example where she not only tries to imitate another culture, but she also tries to imitate another ''country''. She's a middle-class white girl from Australia who raps like a ghetto black chick from Atlanta. Even worse, she uses that same voice during some of her more recent interviews, and in general she seems to be trying to act like she's from America. Thanks to her ongoing beef with Music/AzealiaBanks over a petty dispute while displaying staggering ignorance of her own chosen genre in interviews and responding to criticism in a way that did her no favors whatsoever, it's looking like it's going to bite her in the ass, and ''hard''.
** The fact that she [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IosP8iSnwNk didn't originally rap]], but did Music/BritneySpears-esque ''pop singing'', and likely switched to rapping [[DreadfulMusician due to how bad she was at singing]], makes one question her claims that she supposedly "moved to America to be a rapper".
* Machine Gun Kelly gives off this impression. He often dresses an 'urban' clothing much in the way people in the ghetto do, and tends to try to act "gangsta" in his songs (a good example of this being "Warning Shot").
* An OlderThanYouThink example in the italian song from TheFifties [[https://www.youtube.com/watch=yL_amiWnqFQ Tu vuo fa L´Americano (So you want to be American?)]] by Renato Carosone [[note]] Better known today as the sampled song where the lyrics of Yolanda Be Cool's hit ''We No Speak Americano'' came from[[/note]], which describes a guy who wants to be trendy by desperately imitating American lifestyle (wearing American brands of clothes, dancing rock-and-roll, playing baseball, using half-baked English, drinking whiskey and soda, smoking Camel cigarettes...), despite being an Italian dude from Naples [[BasementDweller who still lives with (and mooch off) his parents]].
* NuMetal got this reputation with its funk influences and many of the bands having turntablists.
* Roundly mocked in the music video for {{Music/NWA}} protege The D.O.C.'s video for The Formula, with Music/DrDre and Music/EazyE holding audition for a new act. One of the groups that comes to the studio calls themselves [[Music/NewKidsontheBlock New Kids In the Hood]]. They're exactly what you expect.
* Music/HollywoodUndead, especially in their early albums, exhibits this trope all over the music with the over-the-top way they act and their use of word "gangsta".
* {{Music/Grottomatic}} has produced its fair share of soul music, mostly because [[IAmTheBand Tim Stevens]], who is white, listened to a lot of jazz, soul, and hip-hop in his younger years and took a lot of influence from it.
* This trope is not so common in Brazil, a country marked by miscigenation and where even [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dZpvh0c1UM one of the earliest rappers to break out was white]]. Still, there is still some {{narm}} to be found in [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fy5cbFxoS2M white chicks that not only attempt to rap, but also incorporate ghetto slang.]]
* Would you believe even Music/{{Madonna}} was initially considered this trope? Her debut single, "Everybody", had a distinct urban sound, and record execs were afraid listeners wouldn't take her seriously if they knew she was white, so the single's cover art was just a painting of a cityscape rather than showing the singer herself. She had to fight ''hard'' to convince them to feature her in the music video.
* Similar to the Madonna example, OneHitWonder Bobby Caldwell faced this with his 1978 R&B hit, "What You Won't Do for Love". Record labels wanted to avoid this trope, so they didn't put his face on the album cover because they feared it would scare off black audiences. When he toured with Natalie Cole, audiences were shocked that he was actually a white man.

[[folder:New Media]]
* The source of the humor in [[http://bash.org/?739936 this]] bash.org quote.
* ...and [[http://www.qdb.us/55462 this one]] on qdb.us as well.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* ''ComicStrip/{{Zits}}'' does this a number of times as well.
--> '''Walt''': "What? Don't people say Wazzup Dawg anymore?"\\
'''Jeremy''': "Dad, do us all a favor and talk like the middle aged white guy you are."

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* The Memphis-based {{tag team}} PG-13 (Wolfie D and Jaime "JC Ice" Dundee) were likely the first wrestlers to use this as a gimmick. They would go on to have stints [[Wrestling/{{WWE}} in]] [[Wrestling/{{ECW}} all]] [[Wrestling/{{WCW}} three]] of the major promotions in the late 90s. This can also qualify as a FunnyAneurysmMoment as Dundee has shown himself to be an unapologetic racist in numerous shoot interviews since then.
* ''Too Cool''. Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor as wannabe rappers dancing to hip hop beats and later adding former WildSamoan Wrestling/{{Rikishi}} to their act ended being one of the more surprising hits of the Attitude era in the then-WWF. What made the gimmick work so well was the delightful randomness and heterogeneity of it: two skinny white men and a fat Samoan guy performing impromptu dance moves to a style of music that neither whites nor Samoans are ordinarily associated with.
* Summer 1999 in Wrestling/{{WCW}} saw the formation of the Filthy Animals, originally composed of Mexican-Americans Wrestling/ReyMysterioJr and Wrestling/EddieGuerrero, Cuban-American Wrestling/{{Konnan}}, and Caucasians [[Wrestling/BillyKidman Kidman]] and Wrestling/TorrieWilson. Guerrero left for WWE at the start of 2000. Later that year, along with Mexican wrestler Juventud Guerrera and Latina valet Tygress, the bookers decided to put [[Wrestling/GlennGilbertti Disco Inferno]] in it. They made being Pretty Fly For A White Guy his gimmick and have him screw up the Animals catchphrases (e.g. "it's all swell" instead of "it's all good"). He even got renamed to Disqo, a reference to hip-hop artist Sisqo who was experiencing faddish popularity at the time.
* When Wrestling/RingOfHonor fans aren't logging in to argue against claims that the stars and bars wearing Briscoes being racists, they're doing so to shoot down claims that the Briscoes are trying to act black. On both subjects, Mark has said they have more black friends than white ones, who've apparently rubbed off really hard on Jay, since he gets the most accusations.
* Wrestling/{{WWE}} wrestler Wrestling/JohnCena was Pretty Fly For A White Guy as a {{Heel}}. Then, he had a HeelFaceTurn, and we were suddenly supposed to take his hip-hop posturing seriously. (It didn't help that he stopped actually rapping after his album was released and just made a lot of gay jokes in a "ghetto" accent.) Needless to say, the {{Narm}} thus created has led to massive amounts of XPacHeat whenever WWE hits any place that has an actual urban hip-hop culture. Thankfully, these days, he's toned down the hip-hop allusions in favor of becoming, essentially, an AscendedFanboy, but the XPacHeat among {{Smart Mark}}s may never completely subside.
** Side note: Los Angeles has a very large "actual urban hip-hop culture," and Cena gets really loud cheers in L.A.
** What Cena has been doing is fundamentally no different from what Music/ElvisPresley did in TheFifties. He is a white, upper-middle-class American who, in his soul, does not ''feel'' like a white, upper-middle-class American, and acts accordingly. Far from mocking black culture, he is actually celebrating it, while putting a less menacing (white) face on it for his white fans. (And interestingly, Cena's longtime nemesis Wrestling/JohnBradshawLayfield was essentially [[NotSoDifferent Cena in reverse]]: a boorish, trailer-park Texan who became obsessed with money and riches, and rebaptized himself as a Wall Street tycoon. This resulted in a bit of HypocriticalHumor when in 2006 JBL was doing a bit of color commentary on ''[=SmackDown!=]'' where he mocked Anna Nicole Smith; he is, in a way, [[YouAreWhatYouHate basically her male equivalent]].)
* Justified with Wrestling/JohnBradshawLayfield. He may have gotten his start as a beer-swilling Texas football player and ended his time in wrestling as Wall Street tycoon type, but that's because he actually is both. He was known as far back as his being an Acolyte to have a knack for the stock market. He went on to become a millionaire from it, sold a book on finance management, and has been featured on the cover of Fortune. He even met his wife on the set of the business show Bulls & Bears, where he was a regular guest.
* Wrestling/ChrisHero had this mind set for a time, or in his own words:
-->"You know what they call me on the streets? They call me the mack daddy of the cravate. And that's for real. That's for real. Word up."
* Ray Gordy, better known as Slam Master J, from the blonde cornrows down to the [[Music/FiftyCent 50 Cent]]-like clothes, but mostly, merely a {{jobber}} teamed with Jimmy Wang Yang, a subversion in that he's "pretty redneck for an Asian guy." Ray Gordy's developmental gimmick was arguably a better example of this. As "Ray Geezy", he essentially played the same Slam Master J character, but was in a tag team called "Ebony & Ivory" with Damien Steele, a black man working a very prissy, "white acting" Carlton Banks-esque gimmick.
* [[Wrestling/HunterJohnston Delirious]]' promo at ''Wrestling/{{CHIKARA}} Don't Eat the Black One,'' March 19, 2005, was him rapping, of a sort, lyrics from Music/{{Esham}}'s "Silicone."
* One half of team blondage and the All American Girls, "The Hip Hop Princess" Amber O'Neal.
* "White Kryptonite" Eddie Diamond in Ohio Valley Wrestling, who helped bring out the SassyBlackWoman in Epiphany.
* Wrestling/BoDallas used to do freestyle rap-offs with Wrestling/AdrianNeville and Wrestling/SamiZayn back in Wrestling/{{WWENXT}}. Then, and without even doing a rapping gimmick at the time, Bo "Rida" beat Grammy Award-winning rapper Music/FloRida in a rap battle. Even though commentary and WWE itself tried to spin it the other way, the Internet unanimously declared Bo the winner, and so did a [[http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2016/01/flo-rida-rap-battle-wwe-wrestler/ hip hop magazine]].
* Throughout the Georgia to Texas laps of the independent circuit(Peachstate Wrestling Alliance, Anarchy Championship, ect) wrestlers encountered The Get Along Gang, a "hip hop" "PowerStable" lead by the white rapper P-dog that started up in 2015.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* In the latest editions of ''TabletopGame/{{Shadowrun}}'', of the flaws you can take, a few of them are Ork and Elf poser, which makes you the fantasy equivalent. Elf posers are pretty much hated by everyone who isn't another Elf poser, while Ork posers are a little more mixed- most people don't like them but there are some Orks who are willing to accept them as honorary members of the group as long as they can act Orky enough.
* When members of the Japanese themed Draconis Combine wound up visiting Japan in ''TabletopGame/BattleTech'' (during the wedding of Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner), there was a note made of just how ''annoying'' actual Japanese people found them.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* A variation: OG Loc from ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas'' may be black himself, but it quickly becomes apparent that he's pretty bad at trying to be 'gangsta'. He '''does''' manage to make a music career out of it for a while, but that's only because he has CJ steal Madd Dogg's rhymebook.
* ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV'' has two examples. One is [[BasementDweller Jimmy]], who's your typical example that listens to rap music, speaks in hip-hop slang, and says the word "nigga" a lot. Then there's [[PlayerCharacter Trevor]], who at one point just thrusts himself into a drug deal with [[{{Gangbangers}} Franklin and Lamar]] for kicks. He knows he doesn't have NWordPrivileges though, as he refers to Franklin as "[his] N-word."
* ''VideoGame/PlanescapeTorment'' has a variation: in the upper-middle-class-to-wealthy Clerk's Ward section of Sigil, you meet a group of "Clerk's Ward Thugs" who are poorly attempting to be "street", including hilarious misuse of the in-universe FutureSlang common to the Hive (which, as the name implies, is a WretchedHive). [[SatisfiedStreetRat Annah]], your party member who actually IS from the Hive, makes fun of them and threatens to fight them. If/when you actually come to blows with them, it turns out that while they may know nothing about the Hive, they are quite competent at fighting.

* Dark Smoke Puncher from ''Webcomic/TheAdventuresOfDrMcNinja'' is an [[McNinja Irish-American ninja]] who effects stereotypical "Gangsta" mannerisms. Something of a subversion in that he only does this to prevent his parents from noticing just how incredibly nerdy he actually is.
* ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'': [[TheLancer Dave Strider]] and his Bro are, as described by Dave himself, "[[McNinja ironic rapping roof ninjas]]". Not much of Bro's work is seen (but plenty is seen of [[DemonicDummy his love of puppeteering]]), but Dave was known to burst into improvised rap early on, he has a sizable array of sampling equipment and turntables, he sent Jade a collection of techno remix efforts of [[StylisticSuck questionable quality]], and in Sburb he even controls his [[TimeMaster time powers]] through augmented turntables. While [[RaisedByWolves Jade]] is impressed by it all, [[TheHero John]] and [[TheSmartGuy Rose]] don't really buy it all that much, and love to snark about or criticise it at many opportunities.
-->[[color:#0715cd:EB: that's fine, you are entitled to your opinion, i am just saying that being a white guy who is a rapper with a ventriloquist doll is not cool by any stretch of the imagination or by any definition of word cool, ironic or otherwise. that's all i'm saying.]]
** After having to clarify that the humans in Homestuck are [[{{Mukokuseki}} aracial]], Andrew [[OrwellianRetcon changed]] 'white' in the above quote to 'Íæûë€Å', though it's since been changed back. He did this mainly to try and quell a FlameWar on the forums.
** [[DemonicDummy Lil' Cal]], one of Bro's puppets, is designed to look like one of these characters. He's even named after an UncleTomfoolery type character in [[MythologyGag the author's earlier works]].
* ''Webcomic/CyanideAndHappiness'' gives us [[http://www.explosm.net/comics/3132/ this]] gem. Oh, and the butler's [[MeaningfulName name]] is [[CringeComedy Cringeworth]].

[[folder:Web Originals]]
* In ''WebVideo/TheAllenAndCraigShow'''s [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnTpRuwinkA two]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC21lrNROCU part]] Episode 8, Allen gets his very white, but maybe not so white, friend Lars, who he calls "the coolest guy I know" to keep Craig from becoming totally lame.
* In ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries'', Jaden Yuki is portrayed as this, even rapping over the end credits.
** Tristan acts black when Kaiba lampshades a scene in which Tristan is [[OffModel drawn black]]. He speaks this way later on until Joey tells him (to his surprise) that he's not black anymore.
* WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick will always complain when movies do this, but she's had a few cringe-worthy (if hilarious) moments herself when she's tried to act like a SassyBlackWoman.
* [[http://weknowmemes.com/2011/11/parenting-youre-doing-it-right/ This]] viral Facebook post.
--> To all of Chris' friends: This is his Father. My son carelessly left his account logged in so I decided to snoop around. Upon reading my son's personal information, I would like to clear a few things up. My son is not a "gangsta," he will not "beat a ho's ass" and he will certainly not "roll a fatty wit his boyz." So for who believe he is some hard ass thug, think again... He is Chris _______, a 15 year old kid that was afraid of the dark until he was 12 and cried at the end of MarleyAndMe.
* In ''WebVideo/TheGuild'', Tink's adoptive white family try to imitate her native Japanese culture with cringe-worthy results.
* In ''WebVideo/MisadventuresOfAwkwardBlackGirl'', J's boss seems to think she is black and even gets cornrows and dates a black guy.
-->'''J's Boss:''' ''(after taking a leave of absence)'' [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_know_why_the_caged_bird_sings I want to know why the caged bird sings]], I want to [[Film/HowStellaGotHerGrooveBack get my groove back]], and I want the rainbow to be [[Theatre/ForColoredGirls enuf]]. E-N-U-F.
* In Website/TheOnion, a man goes to some pretty extreme lengths to avoid [[http://www.theonion.com/video/man-attempts-to-assassinate-obama-but-not-because,17220/ looking racist]] while assassinating UsefulNotes/BarackObama.
* ''Literature/InGoldenWaters'' has Kevin [=MacDonald=], a [[LawEnforcementInc "debt collector"]] who calls himself Kashiro and idealizes {{samurai}} culture, using a {{katana|sAreJustBetter}} as his WeaponOfChoice.
* The entire "Ghost Ride The Whip" sequence in WebVideo/PeanutButterGamer's Top 10 Worst Licensed Games video.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'':
** In one episode, Chris becomes the towel boy for the high school basketball team and picks up some slang and mannerisms from the black players. His father Peter investigates their heritage, with the intention of familiarizing Chris with their Irish roots, and discovers a black slave among his ancestors. Then Peter starts trying to act like a black man, and goes entirely too far; wearing a dashiki, insisting that he be called Kichwa Tembo, and demanding reparations from his father-in-law. Hilariously, he discards his new identity the moment Carter whips out his checkbook:
-->'''Carter:''' Okay, how do you spell "Kichwa?"\\
'''Peter:''' Y'know what? Screw "Kichwa;" the name's Peter. P-E-T-E...
** In a deleted scene for the episode "Stewie Kills Lois", Stewie sings a musical number threatening any "undesirable elements" in society in case of a rebellion against his world conquest. The ''very first'' one is "the white kid with the baggy clothes who's talking like he's black", which shows one of these dancing to hip hop in"gangsta" clothing, while a normally dressed white and black kid watch him in contempt.
** In another episode, it is revealed that Lois has Jewish ancestry. Peter begins to fulfill the Jewish equivalent of this trope until a visit from the ghost of his hardcore Catholic father turns him into an anti-Semite.
** Brian, due to his racist upbringing, barks angrily at a black man. Trying to smooth things over, Brian says how much he liked ''Series/{{Benson}}''.
* Stan Smith of ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'' is known to do this fairly regularly, which stands in contrast to his otherwise very conservative mannerisms.
-->'''Stan:''' The Schwartztein's house is going off! It's like a damn Ludacris video: pimp cups, shorties. It's all crunked out!
** Steve has his moments as well, although he just as frequently embodies stereotypes of black women as well as men.
* Phineas of WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb tries to sound "street" in one episode by peppering his speech with the word [[GoshDangItToHeck dang]]. He comes off sounding more like a hillbilly than a gangsta. Ferb, on the other hand, raps pretty good considering the constraints of a Disney cartoon and the fact Ferb is usually TheSilentBob (it helps that his singing voice is provided by the show's musical director).
* ''WesternAnimation/TheBoondocks'':
** [[GirlScoutsAreEvil Cindy McPherson]]. A blonde haired little white girl that [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZyYVDte1sw runs her girl scout cookie fundraiser like a drug ring]] and will quote rap artists as inspiration for her behavior. Notably, in the animated series, Cindy appears to be more authentically engrossed in hip-hop culture, while her incarnation in the original comic strip is 100% this trope.
** Ed Wuncler III and Gin Rummy from the same show. Both are white and come from affluent families (Ed in particular being the grandson of the wealthiest man in Woodcrest.) Both speak in [[JiveTurkey copious amounts of jive]], own lots of firearms that they are willing to whip out with the least excuse, rob convenience stores and banks despite having no pressing financial reason to do so, break into people's houses at night for burglary, and generally act in a over-the-top stereotypical "gangsta'" fashion. Ed and Gin even have African-American voice actors (Charlie Murphy and Creator/SamuelLJackson respectively) to complete the image.
** Bizzarely enough, [[BlondeRepublicanSexKitten Ann Coulter]] is portrayed as being like this in private, speaking in near-JiveTurkey levels of slang and dating black men exclusively, her whole campaign is just a ruse to get money and attention.
* Similarly, in ''WesternAnimation/TheHauntedWorldOfElSuperbeasto'', Velvet Von Black, who's lily-white and talks like a JiveTurkey, is voiced by Creator/RosarioDawson.
* At the beginning of ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddparents'' episode "Remy Rides Again", Chester tried to sound "slang", much to A.J.'s annoyance. It ended when A.J. electrocuted Chester.
* Eric Cartman of ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' does this very briefly in "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut", when he's trying to find his real father. When he's under the impression that it may be Chef, he dons the outfit in the page image and affects African-American vernacular (or at least, his understanding of it):
-->'''Cartman:''' I was just down at the SPC, kickin' it with some G's on the West Si-eed...
** This was carried over to the ''Chef Aid'' album, where Cartman does much the same when he and the other boys guest on the Wyclef Jean track "Bubblegoose".
* ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible''; Drakken was known to do this on occasion, much to Shego's chagrin:
-->'''Dr. Drakken''': Fo-shizel, she-gizle.\\
'''Shego''': Ugh, wait, are you trying to be ''hip'' again?\\
'''Dr. Drakken''': Word to your mother.\\
'''Shego''': Oy!

[[folder:Real Life]]
* In the US, Presidential candidates seem to love to embarrass themselves this way. Watch as [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDwwAaVmnf4 Mitt Romney]] and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egJ8NtvVFs8 Hillary Clinton]] both fall prey to it.
** Presidential primary candidate Rick Perry, during controversy over a property of his named "[[NWordPrivileges Niggerhead]]", referred to African-American candidate Herman Cain as "brother" during a debate.
* While reading a poem by a black poet, a black student was told by his white teacher to read it "blacker." The teacher then demonstrated what she meant. The results were [[http://www.theroot.com/buzz/teacher-student-read-poem-blacker not pretty]].
* There are some who believe Music/ElvisPresley "stole" the music of African American artists. RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgment applies here.
* Creator/QuentinTarantino has tried a little too hard to "talk black" in some of his interviews following ''Film/DjangoUnchained''. At the Oscars, Creator/SethMacFarlane defended Tarantino's use of the N word in ''Django'' thusly:
-->"Because he thinks he's black".
* Creator/RalphBakshi went to great lengths to keep his film ''WesternAnimation/{{Coonskin}}'' authentic. He did all of his research by going through the streets of New York with a tape recorder and asking black pedestrians what they though it was like to be black in America circa 1972 and got a hefty amount of praise from black viewers for tackling these issues so well despite not being black himself. Nevertheless, not everyone was pleased: Al Sharpton accused it of racist appropriation (without having actually ''seen it'', mind you) and led a nationwide campaign to get it banned.
* In the Polish hip-hop scene, any attempt to imitate American gangsta rap is a sure-fire way to being universally mocked by other rappers and hip-hop fans.
* Jews for Jesus is an organization of Jews who converted to Christianity. They often stress the commonalities between the Jewish and Christian religions or re-interpret Jewish texts and rituals to make them more Christian. To many Jews, they end up as this trope.
* In 2004, a white Deputy Chief Constable performed a rap while addressing the first meeting of the North Wales Black Police Association. [[http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/north_west/3662747.stm Reactions were mixed]].
* UK DJ Mike Reid was forced to apologize in 2014 after causing offence with his '[[http://www.theguardian.com/media/2014/oct/22/ukip-calypso-song-mike-read-radio-1 UKIP Calypso]]', a song promoting the anti-immigration policies of the UK Independence Party sung in a fake Caribbean accent.
* The strange case of [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rachel_Dolezal Rachel Dolezal]], a white woman who became prominent in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), leading its chapter in Washington State. In as many words, she argued that she qualified as black because one's sense of racial identity is a state of mind. Before the controversy arose, she forged a successful career as an academic specialising in African art, black feminism, and African-American history and culture. And, as if to bring this full circle, [[FourOneNineScam Nigerian email scammers]] have since started [[http://www.theroot.com/nigerian-scammers-are-now-pretending-to-be-rachel-dolez-1794008846 posing as Dolezal]].
* The original {{hipster}}s, white jazz fans who wore zoot suits, were the 1940s version of this.
* Modern hipsters have also been accused of appropriating not only black culture (albeit in a more deliberately tongue-in-cheek manner) but ''every single culture'' that isn't white, cishetero or even contemporary.