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Working Title: Pretty Fly For A White Guy: From YKTTW

Lull The Conqueror: Cut this:

Because unless I'm missing a subtler joke, it's a bit of an unfavourable characterization of transvestites, wouldn't you say?
grendelkhan: I saw this:

  • Some Yaoi Fangirls, who, because of their love of Bishounen, decide to emulate female-to-male transsexuals without thinking about the effects of hormones or surgery. I Am Not Making This Up.

... and I have to ask—has anyone actually seen this? I know we don't have notability here, but I'm rather skeptical.

Antheia: Me too. Pulling it.

Random Surfer: Is the "wigger" example in the right place? According to where it is in the article it's a Japanese term for non-Japanese acting Japanese but I've always thought of it, and seen it used, in terms of white people acting black, a/k/a nigger. (The Other Wiki backs my version.)

I Like Crows: Moved this example from Troper Tales to this page:

  • When Sam Witwicky is being questioned by the police in the 2007 Transformers film, he sees one of the cop's guns, and that cop says, "You eyein' my piece, 50 cent?" Even though he was evidently mocking the urban wannabes, all This Troper could think of was, "Please don't say that. You're whiter than Sam is."
    • Sam even lampshades that line: "Are you on drugs?"

While we're at it, black people should stop talking like middle-class white people.

Can we pull this? It reeks of butthurt white guy.