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02:32:31 PM Jul 1st 2012
Page cut per 5P
06:50:03 PM Mar 15th 2012
edited by FinalStarman

12:32:39 PM Feb 20th 2012
Seeing as how this page probably isn't going to be deleted despite repeated requests, I guess the best thing to do would be to make sure it stays current.

I find it odd how the page also contains references to violence, gender-bending, and other things potentially unsavory, and yet there's only the warning for rape. It seems rather biased.

That being said, here's a list of things that should be edited/corrected, seeing as the public editing has been disabled.

There are just under 800 breeds (the current dex holds 788 entries). Given the constant flux of the number of entries, it'd likely be best to say 'around 800 entries', as any given year entries are meged and new ones are added.

Pokeboys is no longer new, and has kind of stagnated. Luna's disappearence is likely the cause.

Pokegirls raping human women is seen as just as bad as pokegirls raping men.

Always Chaotic Evil -Menaces are supposed to be this, though there's something of a baddie love going on that subverts this.

Awakening the Sleeping Giant - There's no 'one above' as other tropes have likely been added.

Body Horror - About half of the thresholds are very painful/dangerous, though 9 out of 10 are uncomfortable to some degree.

Cool Boat - The Langoud was designed to destroy Legendaries. All of the Titans, save Typhonna were killed by Typhonna.

Completely Missing the Point -

Depending on the Writer - Female humans can tame all but one pokegirl breed just as effectively as male tamers. That breed is the Psidyke, which is likely where the confusion comes from.

Disposable Woman - Actually, the only instance of human women being 'disposable' is from the Octopussy entry (and the breed is likely left alone from an in-world standpoint because they'd largely prey on other feral pokegirls). Most human women in the pokegirl world are treated well, if not overly protected/coddled due to their status of being able to produce human children. Those unfortunate women that happen to be sterile are still treated better than pokegirls.

Gag Boobs - This can also be subverted, as there are powders that shrink size too.

Gender Bender - There's a Dust that can turn men into women, available to any breed that can learn it.

Gratuitous Japanese - Subverted in newer works. But rampant in older.

Green Thumb - Plant types to a tree.

Humanoid Abomination - (This one to me sounds like the troper who edited this thinks ferals are some kind of sub-form of pokegirls. They're not.) All pokegirls, from the standpoint of some leagues and individuals. However ferals have a greater chance of looking more animalistic and their tendacy to kill, destroy, and devour make them exactly this.

Lady Land - Also, Jade Islands League.

Level Up At Imtimacy 5 - Orgasm or Delta Bond Evolutions.

Lolicon - Clowmystic isn't called that any more. Though the Tarot still has a nickname of the Cardcaptor.

Made of Plasticine - There's no 'above legendary'.

The Mind is a Plaything og the body - This has been subverted somewhat in more recent entries, and the usual rule is now that any given breed entry describes the average member of the breed so things aren't set in stone.

No Sense of Direction - The Wandering Bloodcurse was revised, now it's migratory themed.

People Farms - I'm unsure how many Leagues are adopting the breeding prison system, but not all Leagues have it. It was coined with the Jade Islands League.

Plot Bunny - The Plot Bunny is now called the 'Muse' and has had a makeover. They still do the same job as before though.

Power Creep, Power Seep - There's only one Evangelion. Any more than that is AU.

Rape Tropes - It should also be noted that most authors have any and all of these as background elements, with graphic depctions only seen in dark fics. Yes it's still there. It isn't a large part of stories, just mostly writers explore the world as the hand they're delt.

Rape is Ok when it's female on female - Only between pokegirls, or a human woman doing the taming. Double standards exist depending on if you can get captured by a pokeball or not.

Rape is OK when it is Sci Fi - Pokeballs only have level 1 taming cycles built in. The higher levels require a pokecenter.

Rule of Cool - Mexican Samurai? Is there really a fic like this? O_o

Shout Out - Super Sayin isn't a Legendary anymore. Hild still is though.

We All Live in America - Actually being subverted. Many Leagues are getting written up with their own unique cultures, laws, treatment and etc. The first to do this was notably Orange, Blue, Edo, and Ruby, followed by Jade, Cresent, Tropic, Azure and many others.
05:06:19 PM Oct 2nd 2011
edited by Kyte
While I understand it provides a good companion to the caption, why is there a Vocaloid picture in a Pokegirls article? Why not some fan art, or whatever? It's sending all the wrong messages right now. (Wrong fandom, wrong character designs, wrong tone, etc.)

In fact, I'm just gonna go ahead and remove it. Here's the code, for preservation:

[[quoteright:300:]] [[caption-width-right:300:Welcome New Tamer. Please choose your [[SuperSoldier pokegirl starter]]. And please remember, [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean tame her]] regularly or she might kill you/rape/devore you/[[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking steal from you]].... in probably [[InThatOrder that order]].]]
12:14:01 PM Jan 19th 2011
How come the page has no link to where to find this stuff?
09:50:20 PM Feb 4th 2011
Dunno, can we link to the locations if we list that it's NSFW? Because it's really not...
05:28:17 PM May 5th 2011
It seems that it's generally accepted around so long as you warn about it. And if anything, it shouldn't be a big deal to link to just an index website.
05:33:08 PM May 5th 2011
I think they asked us not to or something...
09:26:54 PM Sep 23rd 2010
edited by Arivne
I think that's the most editing I've ever had to do on a page. Misspellings, unnecessary capitalization, garbled phrasing, etc.
09:13:29 PM Dec 23rd 2010
I found quite a lot of those too.
12:54:04 PM Jun 5th 2010
Why is this under Unclassified Literature and not Web Original?
12:57:06 PM Jun 5th 2010
09:28:36 PM Jun 5th 2010
Because nobody added it. Go for it.
01:00:11 AM May 29th 2010
Hey, what happened to the page picture!?
12:13:15 AM Mar 16th 2012
This one? It's not pokegirls.
03:41:31 PM Apr 19th 2010
Stringblades. Pokégirls who use music as a weapon equip weapons called stringblades, the necks of which might incorporate such things as grenade launchers and shotguns.

I... I don't... @_@ Gah. I guess the Narm Charm is strong in this one...
05:46:04 PM Oct 1st 2010
You have never played Shadow Hearts: From the New World have you? there is a character in there who has all that and more, including a flamethrower.
08:09:38 PM Apr 13th 2010
Is there a reason the main page is missing an Edit button?
07:11:01 PM Apr 14th 2010
If the edit button is missing, its because it is locked. According to the Locked Pages page, "Probably due to trolls or Edit Warring".

08:30:43 PM Feb 19th 2012
Actually, it was likely the folks at Pokegirls trying to delete the page. The links in the page caused an influx of newbies at the pg sites that mostly trolled, which many in the community suspect led up to the site crash of the former pokegirls .org site.
01:11:58 PM Apr 11th 2010
Do we know what Sukebe looked like? Because, whenever This Troper tries to visualize him, no matter how hard he tries not to let the following happen, my brain automatically shifts to a picture of Jail Scaglietti.
08:08:25 PM Apr 13th 2010
edited by Comartemis
Not to my knowledge, but Jail sounds pretty close to what I envisioned the guy looking like too.
08:27:43 PM Feb 19th 2012
It's been hinted at that Sukebe is blond. Though other than that, nothing's been given.
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