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09:39:06 AM Nov 2nd 2011

Why does spawn camping redirect to here? If anything, it's a subtrope of this. It's not even mentioned here.
04:54:56 AM Jan 29th 2011
edited by EricDVH
Pulled the following, since it's a pretty vacuous statement. Keeping the The Thirty-Six Stratagems in mind, the only “sad” part about it is if you're playing a game that's not properly PVP Balanced:
"Player vs. Player is really trying to put your opponent(s) at as many disadvantages as possible so they can't fight back."

Sadly, the above quote mentions something that happens all too often in video games; as people will try to put you at as many disadvantages as possible. One such example would be camping; that is, sitting in an area where you can score easy kills but your opponents can't strike back. Camping also takes various forms, such as corpse camping (commonly seen in MMORPGs where one may spawn at half health and no buffs) or spawn camping (Commonly seen in most FPS games where one is shot before they can even see the person firing at them). And not even starting some of the various things you can do to incapacitate or Interface Screw your opponents and whether or not they can be considered legit or can lead to many a Flame War or Broken Base as one tries to balance the game.

03:27:15 AM Oct 12th 2010
A lot of articles trying to link to Player Versus Player seem to be linking to [1] the webcomic instead. Please be careful and use Player Versus Player instead of Pv P in links :)
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