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04:04:37 AM Jan 3rd 2017
I propose this be renamed. Perverse Sexual Lust is a term that can be used to describe all perverse fetishes (e.g. coprophilia, pedophilia, Bestiality Is Depraved). I think a better name for this is the "Galatea Effect" or "Galatea Syndrome" from the Classical tale of an IRL human falling in love with his own fictional construct. PSL is too vague but Galatea Effect falls precisely with the core concept: real humans falling in love with artificial characters. Or, if you want to be more Japanese-ish, let's coin "Mai Waifu" instead.
03:16:16 PM Sep 25th 2011
what about in-universe examples? its worthy add some here or can it lead to natter?
08:08:48 AM Nov 9th 2011
I was wondering about that too. Is there any particular reason there are no examples at all instead of in-universe examples only?
05:47:01 PM May 1st 2012
I'd like to know, too.
07:07:40 PM May 3rd 2012
Same here, I'm sure there are plenty of worthy in-universe examples.
08:56:57 AM May 26th 2012
I concur: we should include examples of in-universe examples.

I'd also like to nominate cases like Erin Esurance, who recently got axed because PSL had so completely taken over her image. I'm not sure whether having the widespread existence of PSL explicitly confirmed by the creators provides extra validation above and beyond the "I think this cartoon character is hot" of most non-in-universe examples.
08:33:25 AM Jun 20th 2012
I also agree as per in-universe.
02:41:46 PM Jan 24th 2014
I agree.
02:57:14 PM Jan 24th 2014
You might want to offer that up in Ask The Tropers or Trope Repair Shop.
03:08:24 PM Jan 24th 2014
edited by
This was what happened the last time it went through Trope Repair Shop. More precisely, it's why nothing happened.
02:18:36 AM Jul 18th 2011
Why is this called PERVERSE Sexual Lust? That is simply revealing certain cultural biases and veering into Acceptable Targets. Was this trope named after a quote or something? Otherwise, I don't see a justification for calling it perverse if we are trying to be neutral.
12:51:45 PM Sep 21st 2011
edited by dethtoll
Did you actually read the page? It's in direct reference to the forums for It's Walky (and of course is now associated with the entire Walkyverse.)
03:59:58 AM Jan 3rd 2017
I've read the page and still it doesn't really match up. PSL can be used to describe ANY sex offender, from Bestiality Is Depraved to pedophiles. But when the topic of IRL men falling in love with Fictional Characters, it's easier to thik a "Pygmalion and Galatea Effect" than the over-generalised PSL. And nobody cares about It's Walky.
01:18:29 PM Jun 28th 2011
Not trying to be a bug, but when will the examples be moved over to the fetish fuel wiki? There was a huge troper tales section that got cut and was supposed to be moved to the other wiki.
11:15:24 AM Jul 9th 2011
I think that wiki is it's own thing, we aren't related to it all except for the fact that it was created due to Fetish Fuel being cut from here. If you guys have the source from Google Cache or wherever (probably gone by now) you should go ahead and add it over there.

I've never been over there, never really plan to, so I can't help. Sorry.
12:08:47 PM Feb 9th 2011
I so want to index this in Depressing Tropes.
07:49:13 PM Dec 30th 2011
please don't. Some people can watch anime hot dudes AND have lives.
07:28:56 AM Aug 20th 2010
where did this picture come from? Is it from a con or something? anyways its hilarious, kudos to whoever put it there.
10:28:32 PM Dec 10th 2010
edited by Citizen
Pretty sure that's from an image generator. As in, you supply an image (Kamina), it sticks it over whatever was really there.
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