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Kizor: With apparently no other conceptualization, there's no reason not to use this as the whole thing's name.

Cassius335 Zapped (Coversation In The Main Page)...

bluepenguin: This is turning into "List of Characters That Tropers Find Attractive," I see.

Scrounge: Don't be silly! Sakaki isn't even mentioned in passing. If it was that list, she'd be on there at least twice!

Um... I mean...

  • Hides*

Silent Hunter: We have Hot Scientist and Hot Amazon, but we don't have Genius Warrior, I think. Might need to propose that one.
Ack Sed: I'm not familiar with the series,but the title pic is Starfire from Teen Titans,right?


Bring The Noise: I'm not sure who it is, but I'm fairly certain it's not Starfire.

K.o.R: Oh that's Starfire alright. However I believe the picture is in fact a trace of Misato from a GAINAX Evangelion calendar (!)

Big T: That old picture was weird. It's like a weird combination of Faux Anime Starfire and Comic Book Starfire. Link for reference: [1]

Midna: Remember, though, that Most Writers Are Male... not all, of course, but a good majority at least. Unless this was a case of Stupid Sexy Kamina, not many guys would get why some girls were fondling a poster of a Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann character...

And for the record, I thought she looked hot in that picture.

Freezair For A Limited Time: I think if someone's fondling a poster, it's pretty clear what it means, regardless of the genders of the persons involved. The other picture was more Self-Fanservice anyway.