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02:59:21 AM Aug 19th 2013
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Regarding Digimon in particular... Obviously, Savers would qualify for sure, but last time I checked, the kids in all preceeding series looked fairly normal, even compared to Pokémon (which someone once deleted before I re-added it). Does simply having more mature character designs than Card Captor Sakura really qualify something for this trope? By this logic, would the following works qualify?

For some things, there is no question, but does something really count as this just by not counting as the opposite trope?
05:09:19 PM Nov 24th 2013
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As far as the cartoons go, Savers has the least noodle like human characters. Just compare the page image to Digimon Adventure or Digimon Tamers. Xros Wars and 02 are less obvious only because the characters are wearing longer sleeves and pants legs.
06:12:57 AM Apr 29th 2011
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Regarding this trope in most of these besides CLAMP works. Yeah...I don't see it.
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