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11:56:24 AM Sep 14th 2010
Where do you draw the line between Mr Vice Guy and a Byronic Hero?
02:43:41 PM Sep 14th 2010
A Byronic Hero is far more consumed by his flaws and lacks any redeeming qualities. Sort of the dramatic version of Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist. Edited the description to make that more clear.
10:23:09 AM Sep 15th 2010
So if the character in question likes to imply about himself that even the guys want him but this view isn't universally held by in universe people then it's Mr Vice Guy, Jerkass or Unsympathethic Comedy Protaganist?

If people even in real life imply about a character that even the guys want him then is he a Byronic Hero?
07:23:40 AM Mar 11th 2011
I don't know what you're talking about, jate
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