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09:07:47 PM Sep 7th 2014
Just why do people think this trope is "bad" anyway? Can't we all agree there have been interesting uses of it?
01:40:08 AM Sep 8th 2014
I suspect it's because it gets stale after a while.
06:47:05 AM Aug 25th 2012
edited by NerdyTimes
Is there a trope for Digimon's style, where Cerebus Syndrome causes this trope to be played straight from the start of every season, but avert in the end with Apocalymon, Belial Vamdemon, D-Reaper, Lucemon Chaos Mode or whatever is the newest Big Bad?
10:52:14 AM Apr 18th 2010
It must be noted that Pokémon doesn't exactly play this trope that way: see its entry in Strictly Formula for details. Team Rocket does play the trope straight, however, whenever their scheme involves some kind of robot.  * The trope is also played straight in episodes featuring Gym Leaders and Contests, wherein the Mot W is usually the opponent's monster that causes our hero's team the most trouble.

In fact, the details on Strictly Formula are so... strictly formula that whenever a Pokemon causes trouble on its own (i.e. without interference from Team Rocket) and plays the Trope straight it may count as a Double Subversion.
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