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10:17:52 AM Sep 26th 2014
Is there a trope for a type of moment killer which ruins like say, heartwarming moments or serious moments? It's because this trope is mostly about romance being ruined.
01:26:49 PM Sep 26th 2014
Nah, this would really be the same trope.
07:33:15 PM Aug 1st 2013
Can a Type 4 be ruining a Tear Jerker moment? Perhaps to make a character they're dying?
05:37:50 PM Nov 10th 2010
It is creepy and funny but not an example. It's not a subversion either, otherwise every example of voyeurism would be.

  • Hilariously subverted in Serenity, where Simon and Kaylee finally resolve their UST in the engine room, and the camera pans up to show River poking her head in as they start to do the horizontal mambo. In this case, though, the moment isn't killed; River just watches. From the ceiling.
11:43:22 AM Dec 8th 2010

Just a Face and a Caption

Just making a note, please DO NOT use Elliot Reed as a page image. It has been pulled (repeatedly) because only fans of Scrubs will understand what makes her an example of the trope. The page image must depict a trope in action.
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