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11:57:11 PM May 22nd 2011


Real Life
  • there are fast combat support ship, dry cargo Ships, and ammunition ships but they might as well be Hospital ships or Lightvessels since they are mostly for storage.
  • Factory ships process and package fish or whales.

because it needs to be fixed not deleted, when I have time.
01:48:54 PM Sep 27th 2010
edited by GiantSpaceChinchilla
Draft — comments welcomed

Factory. A place of building, the act of creation forging whatever. A Place where raw materials enter one door and exit as a finished product (or in a more modern sense a component for another "finished" product).

Mobile. Ambulatory, the ability to move, requiring coordination, actors (such as muscles), power, and sometimes a direction.

Combining the two creates a object that could do neither function very well but well enough to justify the cost. In fiction at least, real-life seems a little slow on the uptake. Most often seen as military machines (see Military Mashup Machine) they are also quite handy in colonization efforts or anything really that needs stuff and is willing to put-up with a wondering stuff maker.

Watch out though if Von Neumann is to believed this would be a handy way to travel the stars without FTL and in fiction this probably means very large particles of Grey Goo.
01:41:11 AM Mar 16th 2011
You're in the middle of nowhere (IN SPACE!, in the desert, etc.) There is nothing, nobody, perhaps some plants or animals or aliens but who cares about them. You're on a mission perhaps to make creds or to kill stuff or to make stuff so someone else can kill stuff. The problem is you have nothing and nobody to work with.

It's sad.


Oh well — time to call in the Mobile Factory.

03:08:00 PM Aug 6th 2010
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