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10:37:58 AM Jun 16th 2017
There should also be an alternate title of 'Disney Anti-Hero' in which this is the kind of antihero that appears most often in Disney films, both animated and live-action.
07:37:40 AM Nov 9th 2016
Would Drizzt Do'Urden fit in this trope? I've been reading The Legend of Drizzt recently and it certainly seems that Drizzt keeps to his ideals in a world that doesn't really appreciate them. Haven't read anything else in the Forgotten Realms setting.
03:56:06 PM Dec 9th 2013
Auron from Final Fantasy 10 should be on her, big time. Anybody who has played the game would agree, but I'm not experienced with adding things...
10:10:52 AM Feb 26th 2013
Is there a Chaotic Good counterpart trope to this one?
10:31:33 AM Feb 26th 2013
Tropes aren't divided among alignment, so I see no reason there wouldn't be chaotic good examples of this trope. Generally speaking, the Dungeons & Dragons character alignments are pretty much utterly irrelevant to anything that isn't directly Dungeons & Dragons.
02:51:38 PM Jul 27th 2016
Chaotic Good doesn't mean jerk good.
12:36:30 PM Sep 22nd 2012
Reading through the examples, is Harry Dresden from the Dresden Files himself not a Knight in Sour Armour, too? I mean, to quote White Night, "It isn't a perfect world. I'm doing the best I can.". Plus him often saying something along the lines of "Then lets do the right thing", especially in reference to his tombstone, really strikes me as sour.
04:39:25 AM Jun 20th 2012
The Song of ice and fire entry before my attempt to clean up:
  • Jon Snow of A Song of Ice and Fire fits this. He believes wholeheartedly in his father's beliefs about goodness and decency and all that, but being a Heroic Bastard, he finds it easier to make compromises for the greater good than the rest of his family. Not that he likes doing it.
    • Sandor Clegane, Ned Stark, and Daenerys Targaryen are this as well.
      • Ned Stark is FAR too much a believer in Honor Before Reason and Sandor Clegane is not a good person at all, just not as bad as his reputation would have you believe. I wouldn't disagree with Daenerys, however.
        • Ned fits quite well. He knows the world sucks and most people don't care for anything - but HE keeps trying and does not compromise.
      • Also, adding the Hound to this page would involve calling him a knight.
    • There's also Tyrion Lannister, who's snarktastic and has contempt or hatred for most of those around him (because they either assume he's a Lannister and think he's untrustworthy, or see that he's ugly and short and assume he's evil), but he truly tried to do what was best for the kingdom while he was Hand. His brother Jaime is another example, sort of, although he was a bit darker than is usual for the role (Brother–Sister Incest, anyone?)
      • Tyrion definitely qualifies from the very beginning. I mean, he designed a special saddle for Bran after his fall and went back to Winterfell to give the design, although he knew he would not be much welcome there? However, Jaime started off as a villain, and after his Heel–Face Turn, he is more concerned with doing what is honorable (like fulfilling his promise and so on) than doing what is actually right.

Jaime and Sandor Clegane I've left out, mostly because I don't know enough about either.
10:15:23 PM Feb 8th 2011
I'd love to make a new category for this, in Music. Specifically, for Anyway, by Martina Mc Bride. If you've listened to it, you'd get it immediately.

Anyway, I just changed from lurker to troper, so I'm still new on how to change things, and whether I should try to edit something I'm fairly certain I'd break. Thanks!
03:18:46 PM Oct 2nd 2010
I propose "Knight in Jaded Armor" as an alternate name. It sounds alot better than "Sour" and the jaded part also symbolically covers how the shine in the armor has been worn down.
09:35:24 PM Oct 2nd 2010
But "jaded" isn't the right word. It might describe a knight who had had so many love affairs with beautiful damsels that he was bored with love, but this trope refers to a knight who has, time after time, come back from fighting monsters to find that his beloved has married the rich Baron in his absence. His armor still shines, but oh it's heavy.
08:06:14 PM Oct 9th 2010
But doesn't this trope mean a character who used to be a Wide-Eyed Idealist, but got poked in the eyes too many times by reality and decided to get a pair of Jade-Colored Glasses while still keeping his idealism? "Jaded" would be the perfect word because jaded means "cynical or worn out by experience" which matchs the above interpretation.

Besides, I said "Knight In Jade Armor" should be an alternate title.
02:45:45 PM Feb 6th 2011
Hey Kersey, did you ever put that up for a Trope Rename? I kind of like the sound of "Knight in Jade Armor."
05:14:37 PM Mar 13th 2011
edited by Kersey475
Currently taking the matter to the Trope Repair Shop.

Here's hoping "Knight in Jaded Armor" becomes the new title or at the very least an alternate title.
11:21:12 PM Jul 2nd 2011
edited by localnowhere
I consistently forget "sour" whenever I look for this trope; I search for "Knight in Jade Armor". It's easier to remember and provides interesting imagery.
04:42:26 PM Nov 1st 2011
I like that too. Knight in sour armor is appropriate, but this is better.

Speaking of imagery, it always reminds me of sour cream for some reason...
04:28:56 PM Sep 3rd 2013
edited by
I agree that Knight In Jade Armor would sound better (and I think we should go with "Jade" and not "Jaded", but that's just a personal preference). "Sour" sounds like it's about the character's attitude but this trope is actually supposed to be about the character's worldview - it's about a cynic, someone who thinks that Humans Are Bastards and Rousseau Was Wrong, not just someone who complains a lot.
08:38:09 PM Sep 10th 2013
How about Rusted or Battered Armor?
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