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11:05:00 AM Aug 16th 2011
edited by hayleychaotix
Why'd the Hannah Montana example get removed? It seemed to fit well, and whoever deleted it gave no explanation.
06:00:04 PM Aug 26th 2013
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From where exactly? the related section? the Quotes page? I'm curious, damn it.
06:54:55 PM Jul 22nd 2011
Random question: It IS possible for a Jerk Sue to cross the Moral Event Horizon, yes? Paul was mentioned here and also on the Anime Moral Event Horizon page. And Mr. Krabs was added here once but got removed quickly due to the editor not going in-depth, and we all know about him. So, is it possible in context?
01:50:57 PM Aug 10th 2011
I think a big indication that a Jerk Sue is a Jerk Sue is if they cross the Moral Event Horizon but aren't called out on it and/or suffer no real consequences.
09:40:04 AM Aug 15th 2011
I take that answer as a yes? That does make sense, such as with again, Mr. Krabs as I mentioned. (However, of course a Jerk Sue can't be a Complete Monster, because that requires being hated and/or feared.)
09:19:13 AM Mar 26th 2011
Can Gwen Cooper from Torchwood be considered as one? She has a bit of habit physically and verbally abusing her co-workers, using a stun gun and memory wipe pills on her boyfriend and getting away with it all. The writers and fans however are convinced that she is not just a pain in the ass but a strong down-to-earth woman who's Torchwood's saviour.
03:12:06 AM Jun 11th 2011
I wouldn't. She has jerkish qualities but not in some quantity, nor does she get away with everything continually so much that I'd put her here.
08:34:02 AM Apr 23rd 2012
edited by EMY3K
Nor does her Jerk qualities stand out from anyone else in Torchwood. Owen is verbally abusive to everyone, and was introduced by date-raping a couple. Jack Harkness is more morally grey than any of them to the point where he killed his own grandson. Ianto Jones kept his Cyberman girlfriend in the basement, potentially endangering the entire planet. Tosh seemed to have no moral dilemma eavesdropping on peoples' thoughts.
08:46:55 PM Feb 13th 2011
Uh, who the hell is that pink-haired chick? And why am I supposed to care?
09:26:08 PM Feb 13th 2011
edited by Komodin
Hmm, good question. Perhaps this should be brought up on the Image Pickin' board. I'll be right back.

Edit: Done. If you have any good images demonstrating this trope in action, post them in the linked thread.
09:21:29 PM Nov 1st 2010
Does anyone else think Blair could pass for a Jerk Sue? A lot of the time, her slight air of snobbishness is tolerated for some reason.
05:35:39 AM Nov 2nd 2010
edited by Iaculus
Which Blair? And 'slight air of snobbishness' doesn't really convey the horror that is a Jerk Sue. Come back when she's a full-bore Jerk Ass who is always right and who the cast adores.
08:18:13 PM Nov 2nd 2010
I meant Blair from Gossip Girl. And she is more than a little snobbish, really. She seems to be a borderline case, in that anyone within her milieu accepts her in spite of it.
11:25:56 AM Oct 25th 2010
Dear god, this page needs to be HEAVILY edited. Half the entries are multi-paragraph rants by Fan Haters venting on a particular character they hate, and a good deal of the rest are "Well, they aren't THAT bad" style Justifying Edits.

Honestly, at the moment this might just be the worst written page on TV Tropes.
07:14:02 PM Sep 22nd 2010
As mentioned under the Anti Sue page, a paragraph explaining the difference between Anti Sue and Jerk Sue might be a good idea. They really do blur together.
12:35:41 AM Oct 8th 2010
In case people keep on adding it only for other to delete it, why isn't Gregory House here? He's the biggest jerk on TV, and "he's almost always eventually right."
04:01:01 PM Oct 18th 2010
The trait that identifies a jerk sue isn't that they are always right, but that people treat said person like they aren't actually a jerk. House may be a jerk, but people take notice and call him out for it, even if it is behind his back.
05:13:21 PM Oct 18th 2010
More, it's that their jerkishness is not an impediment. Even if people grumble about it, it doesn't actually end up biting the Jerk Sue in the fundament. Given how miserable House's life seems to be as a result of his abrasiveness, I doubt that that's the case for him.
10:09:51 AM Aug 6th 2010
If Setzer and Friedberg can't have a highly negative page, neither can Jerk Sue. The Daria entry doesn't belong here unless it can be rewritten
10:21:55 AM Aug 6th 2010
Jerk Sue isn't a person or a work.
10:26:51 AM Aug 6th 2010
The examples are. Which is what I was talking about. The Daria entry that was on this page was nothing but bile, which the person who posted claimed was okay.
11:37:51 AM Jul 22nd 2010
Does Kurtz, from Heart of Darkness, count as a Jerk Sue? He's clearly flawed, but he also fascinates everyone he encounters- or, as his wife puts it, everyone falls in love with him- as a sort of Informed Ability; This Reader fails to understand what the draw is, but Conrad is clearly infatuated with Kurtz.
08:16:42 AM Oct 12th 2010

He's charismatic and ruthless, establishes a literal cult for himself, but does some pretty petty things for no real reason. Some of these things are depicted as being quite unambigiously bad, too. Kurtz has to seem somewhat "superhuman" for the purposes of the narrative, but I wouldn't call him a Sue.
07:01:32 PM Nov 23rd 2011
"Doing petty things for no real reason," and seeming " 'superhuman' for the purposes of the narrative," seem like major quantifiers of suethiness. But it's never black and white- I'm sure it varies from person to person.
06:37:33 PM May 7th 2010
I assume you meant the 2nd series Blackadder  *, but Flasheart is really The Ace, not this trope. Another issue is that a Jerk Sue is a character that the author thinks is a great guy, but is really an asshole. While the cast think Flasheart's a great guy, we are supposed to see him as you describe, especially because his actor pretty much plays nothing but jerkasses.
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