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05:13:29 PM Mar 14th 2014
"Zero context and poorly written examples have been commented out. Please uncomment only if you add proper context."

What is this line actually asking from the editing troper? I didn't know entries needed some particular justification to be included, I've always thought if they represent the trope, they should be included.

Regardless, I released the one about April O'Neil, since her entry was signifigant, and she is in the trope image for crying out loud.
02:33:01 AM Mar 15th 2014
That line is asking for people to explain why the example given fits the trope. Most of these examples don't do so, and the example you uncommented doesn't do either - an image is not enough context and "significance" isn't either.
09:09:01 PM Aug 12th 2011
Am I the only one who thinks that this isn't necessarily an Always Female trope? Surely there are some male examples.
08:15:31 PM Aug 9th 2011
Permission from the new page pic's artist:

sure, i dont mind.

(my handle) said the following:

Hello! I'm a contributor at TV Tropes, and wanted to ask your permission to use this artwork:


as the page pic for the Hot Scoop trope, located here:


A reduced size version of the pic (max of 350 px) would be used, with a link to the full-size pic and credit to you as the artist.

01:56:12 AM Apr 27th 2014
Speaking of, those two things—the credit and the link—seem to be missing now. I've been out of the loop: has there been a change in policy?
03:09:51 AM Jan 12th 2011
Nothing to say, other than just being mildly surprised that Lois Lane isn't pictured as Most Triumphant Example.
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