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10:42:44 AM Sep 3rd 2012
I never get why we seperate this sort of kill from other 'family drama' kills by naming it honour kills. When as far as I can see there never is any honour in it all. It only shows the absolute monstrosity of the people involved. Why would other people even want to associate or go near them when they have proven themselves capable of cold blooded murder of their 'loved' family. What's there to prevent them from killing others?
05:31:02 AM Jun 3rd 2010
Would this include murdering the woman your husband raped for tempting him away from you? I'm thinking Klytemnestra's killing of Cassandra here.
07:37:00 AM Jun 3rd 2010
Hmm, a borderline case. Depends on her motivation.

I havn't read the story, but from your description I'd say "include it, but with reservations".

On the same note... [[spoiler: Lets say a Joseph Frizel kind of dad murders his daughter because she has been seeing some guy her own age...

If his action is based on some twisted idea about family honor, it's Honor-Related Abuse.

If his action is based on pure jealousy and a pure selfish desire that she shall be his and only his (as in "his lover"), then it's something else.

And if his action is based on the calculation that if she find someone who she can love and trust then she will not keep silent about the abuse anymore and then he will go to prison, then it's yet so0mething else.

Meh. Pass the Brain Bleach, please. :-( ]]
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