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06:02:24 PM Dec 19th 2016
edited by Camwood
I also posted this on the discussion page for Shout-Out but it bears repeating since it harshly effects this trope too.

Can we get a repair shop thread going to make it so vaguely related things aren't fully hilarious in hindsight? Like, seriously.

Go to a fictional work where a character asks another to build a snowman, and it's not Disney's Frozen. Any of them. ALL of them. In the YMMV page, no matter what, it'll be listed as an example of Hilarious in Hindsight, and a link to Frozen will be why it's such a thing for that to be said.

I'm sorry. But no. No it's not hilarious in hindsight. It's a simple question. People build snowmen in real life. Do you see the Real Life page have every last example listed of people asking others if they want to build snowmen under Hilarious in Hindsight? No. No you don't.

Even worse is that with this trope in particular, just the MENTION of snowmen can get it to become this. Bobsheaux somehow got a variation with a Splatfest from Splatoon caught up in there as well. Yes, I know a Splatfest with snowmen and sandcastles existed, but did you really think it was "hilarious in hindsight" that these three things all happen to exist?

Seriously. Someone fix this. Stop it with the snowmen questions being instantly classed as this trope. No more snowmen questions. No more snowmen. No more snow. No more snow...
11:45:04 AM Dec 27th 2016
Yes please! In so many edits Undertale gets brought up on the vaguest of terms and it's getting annoying.
09:20:46 AM Jul 25th 2013
Does this only apply to events outside the series making something funny, or events inside the series? The description seems to be saying that only outside influences apply. If that is the case, where do the in-universe examples go? I'm asking this question because I'd rather not end up in an edit war with somebody over whether or not Fred and George's prank in the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone counts.
06:27:34 AM May 5th 2013
I'm removing My Little Pony from this page. It's Western Animation, it doesn't need it's own separate category.
07:01:26 AM May 5th 2013
I've added back the link. It is indeed Western Animation, but the MLP subpage has been made, so it has to be listed here (or on that page, but I think it's easier to put it here) to index it. Many large tropes have subpages for a single work.
03:34:39 PM Nov 3rd 2011
Is this trope really for things that become funnier because of events within or outside the series? Shouldn't those be two separate tropes?
08:08:13 PM Apr 2nd 2011
edited by Someonebesidesomeone
Hilarious at hindsight is not different to Fridge Brilliance so it is really necessary?.
03:35:49 PM Nov 3rd 2011
It seems very different to me. Fridge Brilliance is about a viewer working something out in his own mind. This trope is about the interplay between events the series.
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