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03:37:57 AM Dec 31st 2015
edited by MithrandirOlorin
I don't think the Codename: Sailor V example really counts. I feel like that'd be more like if Wolfram and Hart started hijacking Buffy's Big Bad s in the last season.

Actually if anything I think Minako becoming the leader of the Senshi once she joins them in the Manga would be the Good Counterpart to this trope. We could call it "Hijacked By Sailor V" or "Hijacked by Minako".
03:26:28 PM Oct 12th 2014
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Having recently played through Sly 2: Band of Thieves, I'm sort of questioning whether or not Clock-La would serve as a subversion to the trope. Whilst the current entry states that "it's not [Clockwerk's] mind in the metal body, but Neyla's", I don't think that is wholly correct. Throughout the Final Boss Fight, Neyla seemed to become quite vicious towards Sly (and the Cooper Gang in general, near the end). I always assumed that this essentially meant that she was turning INTO Clockwerk...

Any thoughts on this...?
03:14:33 PM Nov 13th 2013
Deleted the Light from Young Justice. The Light weren't an old threat who were revealed to be behind a new threat; they were consistently behind the majority of the threats the heroes faced across the first season, and were allied with (and planning to backstab) the main villains of the second season. They were also clearly established to exist in the second episode, and were a fairly continuous presence from there out, albeit often lurking behind the scenes. There was no major twist of them being behind everything, since it was explicit from the get-go, and neither were they defeated and then revealed to be behind a new villain. I'm pretty sure that's not Hijacked by Ganon, its just Big Bad.
03:27:18 PM Nov 13th 2013
It's Hijacked by Ganon when every seemingly independent threat the heroes come up against wound up being working for the Light, which was usually only revealed in the last minute or so during the Omniscient Council of Vagueness moments.
08:14:30 PM Feb 11th 2014 that standard, almost every Big Bad ever in a serialized format is an example of trope. The Light are consistently behind everything. They're the overarching villains of the storyline who use Villains of the Week as proxies. That's their MO. We're never seriously led to believe that any of their dupes are the overarching threat.
08:53:34 AM Feb 12th 2014
Nope. This only covers the case when a villain is revealed in the aftermath to be controlled by one über-villain.
11:42:12 AM Mar 1st 2013
How does this differ from Arc Welding? Is it a subtrope?
12:37:09 PM Mar 2nd 2013
Hijacked by Ganon is a about a series where you know who the major villain is, then suddenly the more famous villain like Ganon comes out of left field and steals the show.

A villain in Arc Welding doesn't have to be previously established. It would be like, "WOOT we defeated Ganon again, let's move on... wait who is this? Majora? Who the heck is Majora?" This would be true if Majora was the one who gave Ganon his powers or something (it isn't true so this isn't an example.)

A real example is something like this: You spend an entire arc fighting an antagonist and you kill him. But wait! They is a man behind the man or there is someone whose attention you grabbed by killing his/her minion.

That would be an Arc weld since the two arcs are connected, but the villain isn't who you expect it to be.

An example would be the story of Beowulf. After Beowulf kills Grandel, Grandel's previously unknown or hidden mother freaks out. The fact that she didn't stop her son and that she gave birth to him and let him attack people would make her the Man Behind the Man sort of indirectly (he would bow to her wishes after all).

Hijacked by Ganon would be like if Beowulf is fighting the dragon at the end of the story and it turns out that the dragon was possessed by the ghost of Grandel.
09:23:01 AM Jul 30th 2012
edited by DonaldthePotholer

  • Adolf Hitler was already regarded as a terrorist for his role in the Beer Hall Putsch so imagine the horror when he became Chancellor of Germany!

Not an Example. If Hitler was sponsored by one of the Kaiser's descendants/officers, then it would be this Trope, along with a possible side order of StarsCream.
04:30:45 AM May 25th 2012
No film examples? Well that could certainly change is some theories about The Dark Knight Rises are true.

Still, there must already be some we missed.

The First in Buffy Season 7 ought to have obvious to people paying attention all along.
11:34:49 AM Mar 1st 2013
edited by johnnye
Edit: never mind
04:16:53 AM May 25th 2012
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Yoshi's Island Kamek does say he's working for King Bowser repeatedly. So Kamek was always merely Dragon-in-Chief.

The Twist is that being such an Unhuman creature you actually Don't expect Bowser to be a Baby like Mario and Luigi are, Kamek's references make him sound like an Ominous Monarch to be feared, perhaps worse then the Bowser we know by being in his Youthful Prime. But Instead it's a spoiled little Brat, who Kamek still has to super-size to be a credible Boss as all.

Now Bowser's Baby form is Iconic in itself so new Gamers miss-out on this aspect.
04:09:00 AM May 25th 2012
My interpretation of the Demise thing is that Ganon and Demise are actually the same entity, reincarnated.
06:16:22 AM Dec 12th 2011
Can anyone get me the old page image, the one with Ganondorf's head on Zant's body? I don't want to re-add it, but I liked it and would like a copy.
05:21:45 PM Jan 31st 2012
And put on the caption: What were you expecting? That Demise guy?
02:06:40 PM Oct 2nd 2010
The idea (noted in the video games folder, under the megaman entry) of changing the name to [[Megaman Hijacked By Dr. Wily]] actually seems like a better choice to me, given that, as mentioned, Wily has a much better track record at it.
06:58:37 AM Jan 13th 2011
Maybe, but Ganondorf/Ganon is well known even by non Zelda fans. Dr. Wily is only known to fans of the Megaman series. Ganondorf is also more popular.
04:35:14 PM Sep 2nd 2012
If the name WERE changed to reference Wily instead, I'd suggest "Framed by Dr. Wily." Firstly because In all cases of this in Megaman Classic cannon, Wily is setting up someone else to take the blame, and because "Hijacked" isn't as often an apt description, Because it seems most cases the real Big Bad was in charge from the beginning, and the Disc-One Final Boss was just his/her Dragon. (Even the examples directly Involving Ganon.)
06:47:35 PM Apr 25th 2010
As much as I can defend Twilight Princess' use of the trope, it still exists in that game. It does not exist in A Link to the Past, where Agahnim is merely a disguise rather than an underling or such.
07:07:47 AM Jan 9th 2011
Agahnim isn't a disguise, he is an underling. Still doesn't count, since we know he's an underling from the beginning and Agahnim was never seen as the big bad.
02:37:19 AM Feb 5th 2011
And there's also theories that Ganon was Agahnim, making it hard to place.
03:44:52 PM May 22nd 2013
In Twilight Princess it may not have ever been stated. But I remember the build to that game's release, and no one doubted that Ganon would be involved.

Ganon being the Trope Namer for this is really unfair. Dr. Willy is the clear Trope Codifier.

Agahnim was an Avatar, it's clearly shown that he was being possessed by Ganon the entire time. Ganon calls him his "Alter Ego".
06:55:06 AM May 23rd 2013
You're taking the trope too literally. It doesn't matter if Agahnim was part of Ganon or not—what matters is that the game sets you up to think it's an unrelated enemy, before Ganon is revealed to be behind it.
07:21:25 AM May 23rd 2013
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What Mr. Death said. The game made it out to be that Agahnim was the Big Bad, and that it had nothing to do with Ganon.

Then Ganon was behind it. It makes no difference whether Ganon was Agahnim or not.
08:17:16 AM Mar 20th 2010
Just a Face and a Caption. And I've actually played Twilight Princess.
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