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11:36:32 AM Mar 23rd 2013
Equilibrium: "the Cleric has determined that the geometric distribution of antagonists in any gun battle is a statistically predictable element" and "statistically predictable trajectories of return fire"

Question, Mr. Cleric: what about Accidental Aiming Skills? Guns have spread and users have error; some of those bullets are going to defy all prediction

This applies to pretty much and Gun Kata battle, not just Equilibrium
03:50:30 PM Feb 20th 2011

...Theoretically, couldn't Gun Kata be pulled off by a Force-sensitive? Basically, using guns instead of a lightsaber(s) and having the Force tell the user how, where, and when to move and shoot? I'm NOT saying this is how it's done in the main article's examples, but it COULD work...
02:57:21 AM Oct 28th 2011
edited by slvstrChung
Theoretically, it could, but then it's never made explicit precisely how the Force guides you in combat. (Think about any lightsaber duel. If the Force lets you guess your opponent's moves infallibly, and lets your opponent guess your moves infallibly, how can anyone ever win?)

(And yes, I'm sure the EU has plenty to say on the topic. Does all of it agree?)
04:25:28 AM Dec 27th 2011
There is an EU rpg addition which adresses that subject. The teepo paladins (Google it) is a break off jedi sect which favors the use of blasters, due to pragmatic beliefs. In my opinion, the descriptions of game mechanics make it sound like gun kata. Having skills like intuitive aim, tracking multiple targets, aim dodging, sensing structural weaknesses in targets etc. They also use blindfolds and other means of senonsory deprivation in combat to develop stronger perception through the Force.

I recall that there's already a canon explanation of jedi use precognition in their swordfighting. Of course it's going to raise the level of play, but i don't think it would make two fighters cancel each other out. It's still a trained skill, limited by the proficiency of the user. Besides, jedi precog doesn't seem to be all that spectacular. In the movies it is used mostly short term as heightened reflexes (piloting, h2h combat). In the few instances where someone recieves a larger vision it is usually very vague.
11:26:08 AM Jan 24th 2011
Mmm, me want to see some like beast wars.
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