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12:55:24 AM Oct 24th 2012
edited by VandalHeartX
This is kind of obscure, and I don't even remember it very well, but maybe someone else will.

There was a MUD game - I think Gemstone or something like that - where one of the classes was Empath, which was an Empathic Healer. The basic idea was that you could take wounds from other characters into yourself and then heal your own wounds (there were no healing spells). One side effect was that Empaths who dealt damage in combat received exact copies of the wounds they caused on their bodies, meaning that they weren't all that useful in a fight.

There was a story that was All There in the Manual about an Empath who went insane and developed a plague to try and wipe out the world. Her origin story concerned her birth, which recounted that she was born without holes in her head where there were supposed to be holes. No mouth, no seperation of the eyelids, no nostrils, and I think no ears, too. The Empath midwife who assisted in her birth had to create these openings with a knife, and this being a fantasy setting, there was no plastic surgery. I guess her head just looked like all the edges were scar tissue.

Does this ring any bells with anyone? And does it apply to this trope?
05:14:23 AM Feb 18th 2012
Removed: Basically, so what? I don't think that player actions really count.
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