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02:10:57 PM Jun 9th 2014
Gotta admit... I love the picture caption on this page.

Go, God-Man!
04:45:34 AM Oct 17th 2011
edited by blackphoenix77
Why were the examples under god mode sue removed?
07:21:59 PM Nov 14th 2011
Example Sectionectomy
09:26:53 AM Aug 23rd 2011
Deleted this, as it basically glosses over or entirely fails to mention extenuating circumstances. She knows "Hot Blooded" because she has Foreigner in her CD collection — which Booth comments on in an earlier episode. She mentions, in characteristically geeky fashion, that she's played similar native instruments during her anthropological studies. She knows something about psychology because she believes it's an inexact and invalid science and wants to have a leg to stand on if she argues the point — and Sweets, the psychologist, is proven right on several occasions. As mentioned in the edit, she falls when she walks the circus tightrope. She's a competent martial artist, but needs rescuing on occasion and generally relies more on Booth for the physical stuff. She's competent in multiple scientific fields because she has no social life beyond her colleages at the lab. She is presented as a very flawed character, unable to relate to the world around her or the people in it, which causes problems and makes her the brunt of quite a few jokes in practically every episode. I mean, if someone thinks we should add it back in, by all means, just cut and paste from the text below, but Bones seriously doesn't seem like she belongs here.

  • Brennan from Bones. Her character is constantly demonstrating expertise in previously unknown areas as the plot demands. She's an expert in way more skills than an actual high-demand PHD, in her early 30s, with extensive international field experience should have time to develop, not even counting writing novels. This is true even when other characters are available that would actually be expected to have those skills. Some examples:
    • When forced to go undercover at a circus, she reveals that she's an expert high wire performer.
      • If I recall she wasn't an expert, she just wanted to try it. And also, she fell. That's how they found out what happened to the dead twins.
    • She is an expert in kinesiology, despite having an experience FBI agent *and* a psychologist on the show.
    • When attending Rock & Roll camp with Booth, she is suddenly able to not only play electric guitar, but knows "Hot Blooded." Booth even lampshades this with "You play guitar too?"
    • As far as the well-known anthropologist/novelist aspect goes, Brennan is actually based on a real figure: Kathy Reichs, professor, certified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology, and member of the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. She's written thirteen books, and speaks all over the world. Oh, and she's also spent some time producing the show.
      • But the age thing blows that comparison out of the water. Kathy Reichs is twenty-six years older than Emily Deschanel (and, presumably, Brennan) and didn't publish her first novel until she was forty-seven.
08:33:43 PM Jul 25th 2011
Would Su Wukong (Monkey King) from Journey to the West be this or does he fit more in with The Ace? In the early chapters he is made pretty much invincible in every way short of making him the Buddha. He is the ultimate fighter, ultimate shapeshifter, ultimate magic user, strongest there is, indestructible, defeats all of heaven on his own, etc.
10:48:56 AM Aug 19th 2011
Power does not equal a God-Mode Sue. Don't judge characters based on power alone.
09:16:31 AM May 18th 2011
edited by immortalfrieza
This edit of mine could probably use some links to other tropes and spoilers covered up, but I'm not sure how to do that.

  • Lost and turned against Alice in Resident Evil Afterlife. After a large number of her clones die due to attacking a Umbrella facility which explodes, she gets injected with a T-virus cure which completely robs her of her God mode Sue powers by Wesker. Wesker has injected HIMSELF with the T-virus, which for no apparent reason gives him abilities that Alice never had, such ability to survive a massive explosion by completely regenerating, super speed and super strength, red eyes just like in the games, and thus defeat any normal human including Alice in combat with no effort whatsoever.
12:45:23 AM Dec 25th 2010
edited by CharredKnight
Deleted a couple entries about Kira that where natter. His nickname really didn't add much, and the tv show actually does criticize Kira for basically just randomly attacking both sides. The bit about immortality, is simply something that happens several times to other characters. Andy survived an exploding mecha only losing his arm, and Mu survived not only an exploding mecha, but one that was hit by a beam cannon capable of destroying a top of the line space ship this time only getting a large facial scar. It's the C.E series most notable flaw. This also happens in several other series Char somehow disappears during the final battle in Zeta, and no explanation is given on how he was able to survive with only a space suit, and Setsuna survives due to developing a "quantum brain" that heals his brain damage.

I also added Setsuna from Gundam 00 due to the fact that it's been officially stated that he could have defeated the ELS by himself. I think its safe to say that the Quanta is only second to the Turn A Gundam in abilities in the entire Gundam Franchise (to put this in perspective I wouldn't even put Strike Freedom in the top 5 because it lacks the ability to destroy massive objects). He also is given super abilities that far outstrip even Kira.
10:25:58 PM Jan 22nd 2011
edited by Marikina
That would make 00Q the GMS, not Setsuna himself. And 00Q would be a justified example, given that it's the successor to a suit that is canonically a GMS. It's ability to supposedly solo the ELS was a modest prediction by Veda based on incomplete data. Also, while Setsuna's Innovator abilities maybe superior to Kira's own "super" abilities, it doesn't make the former invincible or perfect. So I'm removing him.

02:17:59 AM Jan 23rd 2011
It's not your super-abilities but how you use them that makes you a God-Mode Sue. Setsuna explicitly chose not to use the Qan[T] as an unstoppable engine of destruction, but as a sophisticated communications device, since by that point, he preferred to let people resolve conflicts their way through mutual understanding rather than just committing genocide and popping home for a nice steaming pot of Krugis tea.

The God-Mode Sue railroads the plot, shaping the universe according to its own whims. The Qan[T] could have done that, yes, but instead it served as a source of information to let other parties (i.e., the ELS) make their own decisions.
09:45:18 AM Dec 16th 2010
The Tenth Doctor? If he isn't a God-Mode Sue, he certainly spends a lot of time being something very similar (that is, when he isn't just running towards or away from the danger — he spends a lot of screen time running around). "Earth invaded by Cybermen and Daleks? No problem, because I'm so awesome The Raging Storm! I'll just pull this lever here."
10:52:53 PM Dec 16th 2010
edited by SpellBlade
02:37:56 PM Mar 15th 2011
really all of the Doctor's all them.
09:34:05 AM Aug 23rd 2011
I'd have to agree that Ten is much more so than the others, what with being able to solve basically any problem with the pull of a lever and causing entire species to run and hide at the mention of him. Eleven's been better about that. But really, I think the true God-Mode Sue here is River Song. Every time she shows up, she basically makes everyone else act like an idiot so she can steal the spotlight, do all sorts of awesome stuff, make snarky comments and render any enemy totally ineffective (making a Dalek beg for mercy? Really?). Not to mention her relationship with the Doctor, which is the stuff of fanfiction. Hits basically every single rung on the God-Mode Sue ladder.
03:31:08 AM Oct 2nd 2010
Do Krasus and Rhonin really qualify as much? One of the posts is a reasonable list of flaws and mitigating factors, and Krasus does get his ass handed to him a few times and one of his bad pieces of advice nearly got Malfurion and Brox killed. And Furion also does acts of magic which far exceed anything that Krasus or Rhonin do, yet he isn't a gary stu.
03:53:20 PM Nov 12th 2010
I want to remove Krasus from God Mod Stu; the fact that he's been on the recieving end of a few "What the Hell Hero" speeches, given that he himself admits that quite a few of his actions are pretty questionable (when rhonin calls krasus a manipulative asshole Krasus admits that he does kind of deserve to be called that, even if it is painful).
05:31:47 AM Jul 30th 2010
I argue against including the Lady Of Pain, because she's less a Sue, and more a plot device. We don't have any stories from her perspective, and she doesn't do anything aside from walk around Sigil, occasionally flaying people.
05:59:29 PM Jul 28th 2010
edited by masterchief
  • The marine known as Ghost  from HaloOrigin's "prototype" anime short:
  • In this short Ghost used a "prototype"God Mode suit, more powerful than anything anyone has used on the series so far(Counting the Covenant and the forerunners),  despite being an average marine , he was able to use the suit , despite the fact that in Halo Canon only the Spartans are able to use them after he dons the suit, he proceeds to kill hundreds of Covenant's ships, thanks and infantry with ease (A feat that even TheMasterchief),  who is the hero and a supersoldier, couldnt do.

    • His armor has a ridiculous amount of Big overpowered guns ,it's shields are thicker than those of a thank plus it is able to fly like a plane (In Canon is   impossible  for one armor to have all this skills this armor had because of energy depletition) this suit is so overpowered , that It makes you wonder, Why they didn't just made suits as powerful as this one ,instead of the Spartan program ,as they would win the war easily without the spartans. At the end Ghost Suicides killing even more Covenant than he had before and his considered instantly a leyend ,  wether or not his death (something he wanted)  saves him from being a Sue or makes him a SympatheticSue Is up to debate
06:01:00 PM Jul 28th 2010
Komodin I can't see the grammar mistakes you constantly bother me about
06:04:13 PM Jul 28th 2010
... Are you serious?
08:38:24 PM Jul 28th 2010
edited by masterchief
Yes I am, So please stop whing...

I admit I have format problems but I only detected very few grammar mistakes , however I am gonna fix them please Dont delete it unless you have a good reason like let's say like my example isn't a Sue..,

I am not doing this because you are "important"I just want my work not to be deleted because and I can't be here daily to repost it.

However I warn you If I fix all the mistakes and you delete this without a good reason , this will become an edit war.
01:37:20 PM Mar 22nd 2010
Deleted Xanetia for The Bhelliom series. Here's the entry, with why she's not a god-mode Sue interleaved:

  • Xanetia, the Delphae priestess in The Tamuli, is a literal God Mode Sue: her entire race is gradually Ascending To A Higher Plane Of Existence. note: the entire Race Xanetia herself is Really 700 Years Old, as is the rest of her race is feared by everyone but her own kind, as is the rest of her race wields godlike magic that nobody else in the entire world can detect, as does every other Delphae glows with power capable of turning humans to goo with the barest touch, as does every other Delphae and can read minds. as can other Delphae Within a few chapters of her arrival most of the Church Knights are smitten with her, most — not all, and whether they are or not has no relationship to their place in the story. she uncovers Zalasta as The Mole mindreading can do that and she makes nice with Sephrenia within half a book not easily or quickly — and "half a book" is 200 pages after aeons of Fantastic Racism between the Delphae and the Styrics after saving her life by touching Bhelliom, which nobody but Sparhawk should be able to do without being destroyed. But Bhelliom and Sparhawk are on freindly terms by them and Bhelliom does it at Sparhawk's request. And then she ascends into godhood at the end of the Tamuli. As does every other Delphae.

This is a series where the gods physically walk among and lead their chosen peoples as a matter of course. Xanetia is not a God-Mode Sue: Every ability she has, she has in common with every other member of her race. She does not singlehandedly save the day.
06:06:52 PM Apr 1st 2010
Most gods in the series don't remove all limits on the power of their chosen people, nor do most of those people get to touch Bhelliom and not die. She's also stated to be by far the most powerful of the Delphae, even moreso than the elder who's basically their head guy. I'm not really seeing why being the ur-representative of an entire race of God Mode Sues makes Xanetia somehow not one since she basically drops into the story completely out of nowhere and, yes, saves the day.
11:57:27 PM Jan 20th 2011
I actually have to agree with Bigbo Lich.
11:57:28 PM Jan 20th 2011
I actually have to agree with Bigbo Lich.
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