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08:35:29 PM Mar 14th 2014
Real Life section removed per discussion and vote on the Real Life Maintenance section thread.
08:18:05 PM Sep 20th 2012
I'd like to add "Silverfish" in "Minecraft" as an example of something that isn't satisfying to kill, has very little to no effect normally, slows you down, and in swarms of hundreds is actually a potential threat, but I can't figure out which category it goes into.
10:14:48 AM Nov 10th 2013
Let's all say that all hostile mobs (zombies, skeletons, creepers) are this trope because always get in your way of mining, farming, and exploring, and drive you to falling in lava or from high places. Even witches, blazes, and ghasts are this trope too. I can't even find Minecraft in this goddamn trope! Geez! Where the hell is it!?
12:21:26 PM Aug 4th 2011
Speaking as one of the people who designed them, "Showdowns" were not created to deal with Vivisectors in Shadowfist. Rather, they were an attempt to simulate the one-on-one duels you see in a lot of kung fu movies. Also, Vivisectors themselves really don't match the description for Goddamned Bats. As such, they shouldn't be included on this page.
12:05:57 AM Oct 30th 2010
Can we please change this to Gosh Darn Bats?
12:36:04 AM Jul 13th 2011
There's no reason to whatsoever. This wiki has swearing as is. They're annoying enough to warrant that swearing as is. Do you have a reason beyond "I hate potty mouths"?
06:05:00 PM Sep 28th 2012
Maybe a fan of the Batman live action TV series? :-)
08:12:40 AM Jan 18th 2013
edited by HRGiegerCounter
As a matter of fact, some of us Christian tropers *are* offended by this particular profanity. Not to be prudish, but I don't see this wiki being so cavalier about using *other* religions' deities as swear words.

I've been a fan of TVT Tropes for a while, and I still cringe when I see that particular term in use - it is hindering my enjoyment of what is otherwise a great site.

In other words, I don's so much care about the general swearing, but can we keep my God out of it? Would it be such a loss of context to merely remove the part that is offensive to Christians?
09:15:14 AM Jan 18th 2013
edited by Telcontar
There won't be a rename, not least because of the 1500 wicks and 5000 inbounds. The title is a pun on the well-known line "I'm the goddamned Batman!", or whatever variation it was, and offensiveness has never been a reason to rename a page; I believe it previously came up for Nightmare Retardant and something with "bitch" in the title.
04:18:39 PM Jan 18th 2013
So laziness and a meme is the excuse to insult people's beliefs here? Just so we're all the same page.

Besides, Nightmare Retardant is a moot point because "Retardant" is not there to insult the mentally handicapped, but used in a context similar to "flame retardant" - Y halting or hindering the progress of X.

I wouldn't say "bitch" is a good example either, since that's a legitimate term for a female dog, used by breeders and such (calling someone a dog is a long-used insult throughout history).

My original point, however, still stands - the G-D usage *is* highly insulting to Christians, and you can't really pass it off as something innocent or unintentional.
02:10:16 AM Jan 19th 2013
Because of a meme, because the page is successful*, because offensiveness doesn't lead to renames. Yes.

I know; didn't stop someone complaining.

The term was being used for a woman, not a dog, as far as I remember. I don't think the page was This Is for Emphasis, Bitch!, by the way.

Which is why I'm not trying to. I understand that it is considered insulting, but it won't get changed.
12:50:14 PM Sep 20th 2010
Can we put in a folder like this? I realize it's not in a video game, but it's annoying as hell without being particularly dangerous, and seems to fit.

  • Make no mistake, for the most part we love our Adbot. But every once in a while he has a persistent thing for one company or other whose ads have some ridiculously inefficient or high-res animation that bogs down the page for about 10 seconds. And for a week or two it will show up everywhere regardless of page content.
09:53:44 AM Jul 17th 2010
edited by
Picture change?

05:11:32 PM Oct 3rd 2010
The image is funny, but it might be too long.
11:05:26 AM Feb 26th 2011
Scaled down a bit with the second panel removed might work.
10:50:01 PM Jun 27th 2010
narwhal: Deleted all that superfluous stuff about Magnemite since it was all complete horseshit. Way to make up bullshit just to add to pages, guys.
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