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narwhal: Deleted Phazon Metroids from the list. The counterpoint of them being killable with normal beam shots is true, and since they die in like two shots of hypermode anyway it's easy to just cancel hypermode afterwards and resume on your way with no health lost.

Andrew Leprich: I assumed from the entry that this doesn't apply to only bats, so I added a line to explain this. Hope no one minds.
Andyroid: Scrounge, I feel your frustration with the controls in the paper shredder minigame from WW: SM, but was the f-bomb really necessary?

Scrounge: Sorry... I guess I got a little carried away with that one, and I'm somewhat desensitized to profanity. I do think it deserves a bit more ranting than is currentl left, though. It's such a terrible, horrible blight on a game that otherwise is pretty fun. MUCH LATER: Forgot to mention this after I did it, but I put the rant back in, minus the offending word.
Colin: A large chunk of the page disappeared when I tried to edit it, and my efforts at restoring the missing text have proven fruitless, so could someone else please fix the problem?

Bob: I copied it from page histoy and back in, but I might have missed a link or two.
Bob: I cut the "Not to be confused with "the goddamned Batman"." because the Batman reference is already in the second paragraph.
Demetrios: Thankfully, there is a way around physical immunity in Diablo II. Paladins can use Vengeance (and the Sanctuary Aura, if the enemy happens to be Undead), and Barbarians can use Berserk.
Citizen: Hmm. This page seems to have some overly long examples, if not Discussion in the Main Page. I'm looking at you, Pokémon...
That Other 1 Dude: The Super Smash Bros. could have been toned down, but you definitely shouldn't have delete all of it.
DaWrecka: I've removed the last of the Phantasy Star Universe section. Someone - tricky to work out who - removed the Stateria to put them in the Demonic Spiders section - which, I should add, didn't exist to my knowledge when I actually WROTE the bit about PSU - but didn't quite do it right. Really speaking the examples I cited do qualify more as Demonic Spiders, so they're going there momentarily.
PPK: Do we really need "In an RPG, blocks you from running away while combined with one or more of the above." as one of the criteria? It's already stated above that it can piss you off by not letting you run away in an RPG.
Ninjacrat: Removed Nethack example as it's a duplicate of Demonic Spiders, which is already linked to from here.
Space Jawa: Anyone else think we could use either one of the last 5 panels from this comic or the first 4 panels from this comic as the page image? It certainly looks like it fits the situation. Though maybe a better one will come come up if we wait a few strips. Still, I think the panels provide an amusing example.

Kalle: Personally, I think the current image is fine as is. I have seen hell, and it is lined with those goddamned Zubats!
Taco: Do Pipistrello's bats in Castle Crashers count? Similarly to imps in castlevania, as soon as you get one off via a FREAKING QUICK TIME EVENT another will generally jump right on. However, you can actually hover in some parts and bypass hazards the air is so thick with the bastards.
furbearingbrick: The source of the current image is this.
Seven Seals: Took out this, again (per Bob above): "Not to be confused with the goddamned BATMAN!"

Read, people. And don't explain the joke even more.

macroscopic: Added an invisible comment at the beginning of the page that should deter anyone from doing it again.
Wascally Wabbit: Terrible picture change is terrible.

Theogrin: You're probably right on the quality of the change; sorry you didn't like it. By way of explanation, I simply saw an opportunity for an effective pun - the Scout from Team Fortress 2 was already mentioned below, and so the 'Sandman' in the prior edit was an obvious choice. Hopefully my future edits will be more acceptable.

Wascally Wabbut: I'm sorry that my initial post was so aggressive - don't think that your posts are beholden to anyone. The pokemon picture is far better though.

Inkblot: I'm sorry I deleted it. I'm so thick that the obvious pun flew over my head. You can put it back, if you want.

Theogrin: Nah, no worries. The last thing I want is to get into an edit war of any sort; that wouldn't help anyone. And don't worry about it, Wabbit: the Pokemon pic probably is preferable.

macroscopic: Why do people keep changing the caption? It's different everytime I look at the page. Am I the only one who liked 'god damn it' as a Title Drop there?