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01:16:09 AM Feb 12th 2014
Is this a trope? I feel that "there are frogs in this work" is Not a Trope.
08:51:02 AM Feb 12th 2014
It's more about the connotations and implications of these animals.
06:11:30 AM Feb 20th 2014
But it is really generic. Unlike other animal tropes, such as Clucking Funny, Savage Wolves, Friendly, Playful Dolphin, Busy Beaver, or even Bewitched Amphibians, it doesn't specify what connotations frogs and toads have, just dumps a lot of traits of them together, allowing any work that has frogs or toads in it to be included.
06:17:16 AM Feb 20th 2014
Yeah, I feel like this could use a Trope Repair Shop trip.
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