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09:30:45 AM Jan 28th 2014
As of this writing, the page stands at 434326 characters. Policy is to split pages beyond 400k and some of the folders have gotten considerably large, so I'm splitting those off into subpages.
01:55:55 PM Jul 30th 2013
Another Tom Clancy example. In Without Remorse, John Kelly tells punk dealer/rapist Billy, that he will leave the island alive. He does not specify that he will have permanent brain damage, and have less that a month to live due to the torture he puts him through.
06:42:18 AM Feb 17th 2013
Regarding Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike actually wanted to get his soul back! He wasn't tricked by the demon. The viewers were tricked into thinking Spike wanted the chip removed.
08:10:22 AM Aug 2nd 2012
Last example for the Real Life section states: "During the Civil War, some recruits often try to join while underage. They manage to accomplish this by putting a piece of paper with a number of it, and then saying when questioned 'I'm over 16.'"

I'm guessing this is a reference to the American Civil War, can anyone confirm this?
04:21:20 PM Sep 16th 2011
is this really a very good image for this page?
04:23:07 AM Dec 29th 2011
It would illustrates better a Literal Metaphor than Exact Words. So, no, not the best image for this trope.
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