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01:57:30 PM Sep 30th 2012
edited by eedwardgrey3
Somebody removed the term "fundie" because it is supposedly a slur for fundamentalists. This is going overboard. We could also no longer use the words "commies" or even "nazi" since those words are technically "slurs" for communists and members of the German National Socialist Party. We also have an entire trope page that uses this slur freely.
09:19:24 AM Apr 10th 2012
  • The Teletubbies: The purple one with the triangle and handbag is obviously proof that the evil gay liberals are forcing their godless agenda on our innocent children.

I always knew Tinkie-Winkie was gay...
08:08:30 PM Mar 11th 2012
What happens if you find a work where everyone actually IS satan in hell? :P

Also, could the writers calm down a bit here? It seems like someone was a bit angry while writing this.
10:07:41 PM Apr 11th 2012
So...I'm not the only person who thinks so? Yes, I think it's possible to have a work where everyone really is Satan in Hell, but I'm guessing most people for whatever reason get on the defensive when they hear that. Some accusations of this are very ridiculous, erroneous, and possibly a Poe's Law deal, but yeah, someone was very mad while writing this. They have to take a serious chill pill.
02:21:08 PM Jun 17th 2011
Would the Angry Video Game Nerd's Super Mario Bros. 3 "analysis" count?
07:12:57 PM Sep 6th 2010
Um, is "turning you Christian" linking to Too Dumb to Live supposed to mean Christians are too dumb to live? That's not nice.
08:38:31 PM Sep 8th 2010
edited by SuiCaedere
Actually, no, is pointing that thinking that just reading something with angels and demons will automatically turn you Christian is dumb. The example is purely anecdotal tough, so YMMV if is appropriated or not. Your comment, however, looks like a pretty good example of this trope I must say.
09:17:29 PM May 6th 2011
edited by AgentDragonhunter
09:18:44 AM Apr 10th 2012
Wow, really Sui Caedere? I dunno, maybe that wasn't the intent of the previous editor who potlinked "turning you Christian" to Too Dumb to Live, but it still kind of made me wince. Imagine if it referred to any other religion, and then tell me if such assumptions are "this trope".
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