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08:27:56 AM Apr 8th 2014
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Someone decided to delete this from the quotes page for whatever reason, so I'll put it here, since it's a song that's basically *about* this trope, and I think it should be recorded somewhere in related pages. It's Yzma's Villain Song from the Disney "Emperor's New School" cartoon; she celebrates finally getting rid of Cuzco and taking over.

Welcome to my city,
Welcome to my land!
Welcome to the empire
That only I command...

Yzmopolis, my metropolis
My favourite place to be!
Yzmopolis, my metropolis
Where it's all for one
And that one is me!

From Yzma Boulevard
To Yzma Avenue,
All landmarks, and roads, and parks
Are named for me,
not you!

You know until I came along, this was just a one-llama town
But now it's...

Yzmopolis, my metropolis
The region that I rule!
Yzmopolis, my metropolis
Now welcome to my school!
Y-Z-M-A, Yzma, Yzma, hooray!)

Yzmopolis, my metropolis
A wondrous place to be!
(It's glorious!
We always laugh uproarious!
'Cause life is so euphorious!)
And here is what you'll see:

Yzma movies, starring me,
My name in lights on the Yzmarquee,
Yzma books and magazines,
Yzma shirts, Yzma jeans,
Yzma chocolates, Yzma mints,
Yzma shampoo and a rinse!
All the dogs are Yzmaltese,
And life is just an Yzma-breeze!

Hear me chat on the radio on

(Yzmopolis, my metropolis,
With music, sports, whatever
Yzma traffic's all backed up
and now a look at weather...)

[Dramatic Thunder]

Some have tried to run and hide,
but they just can't get free...
'Cause when I'm dead
You'll bow your head —
To an Yzmummy of me!

(Welcome to her city,
Welcome to her land!)
Welcome to the empire
That only I command!
06:58:23 PM Jun 29th 2010
This seems to have gone from "tyrant (re)names place after himself" to, in the most extreme cases, "place happens to have the same name as some dude". A number of the examples, especially under Real Life, are even explicitly against the wishes of the people they're named after, and they're presented as if played straight despite being a subversion of this trope.

This trope should either be renamed and expanded to include the examples people seem to think it already includes, or half these examples should be chopped and a new trope added for places that just happen to be named after people.
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