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02:14:12 PM Dec 12th 2013
As for Fanfiction instances in general, aren't there also cases where the author is just getting a feel for the characters, and as they further the plot, try to avert common flanderizations that were previously applied to some characters?
06:39:30 AM Jun 12th 2013
In the Real Life section, humanity example: how do we know for definite there was no law of some description? Obviously formal law codes could not exist before the advent of writing, but surely every tribe has its traditions and maybe means of settling disputes? How can we prove this for certain?
12:17:58 AM Nov 14th 2011
You really notice this trope when a syndicated show has a block goes "Episode 155, 156, 1, 2" in one go. You go from finale to premiere over one commercial break.
08:12:51 AM Oct 26th 2011
While it is good research, I'm not 100% sure the Sailor Moon example really counts. After all, Sailor Moon is cool. Masks are cool. Therefore it's an awesome combination. :)
07:25:55 AM Sep 19th 2011
I think the Power Rangers entry needs rewording. Even fans must admit that it's still a pretty weird concept.
08:40:10 AM Jul 28th 2010
I'm not sure if Halo counts anymore. Reach and ODST both added the health bar back in. Do we have a trope for that?
01:28:50 PM Jul 28th 2014
What like maybe a trope called "Feature Zig-Zag"? Maybe, but if not there is always YKTTW
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