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06:44:35 PM Oct 25th 2013
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  • Zefram Cochrane from Star Trek: First Contact. Inventor of warp drive, but also a heavy drinker.
    • He was drinking to forget a major nuclear war he'd witnessed recently, and he cleaned up as soon as his invention became successful. Hardly counts.

Since this is a debated example, I'm putting it here for now.

As a note, in the novelization of the movie, Cochrane is specifically stated to have been born with a genetic fault that causes mental problems. At the time they didn't have genetic repair ability for it, so he got an implant. It ran out about a year after the war. After that, he swung between spells of intense activity and brilliance and crashing with massive depression and misery. The alcoholism was effectively attempted self-medicating. Crusher fixed the gene before the Enterprise left.


  • Arguably, Otacon in his first appearance in Metal Gear Solid. The man's brilliant with technology, but social interaction and judging the motives of other people are not his strong points.

Since I'm not familiar with the series, could those who are tell if Otacon is an example or not, please?
02:12:23 AM Mar 18th 2012
Cut this:
* Truth in Television: well, for these three anyhow - Rachel Uchitel, Bronagh Waugh and Claire Cooper (the last two are from Hollyoaks)
Because it's not a clear example. In what way do these three women qualify for this trope? And why is Uchitel listed with the other two?
05:18:24 PM Jul 22nd 2010
mutsumi otohime in love hina who is ditzy but very smart!!!
12:13:25 PM Mar 22nd 2011
Yes she is in fact very smart, she's smarter that Naru and does not have to study no where as much!
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