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On the opposite tract of the Genius Ditz, who, while usually foolish and moronic, has flashes of insight or hidden talents, is the Ditzy Genius who, while very intelligent and talented, has absolutely nothing in the way of common sense, wit or tact.

This can occasionally be show as naivete to the point of stupidity, and/or nigh suicidal overconfidence or inability to see the danger in what they're doing. In any case, these characters end up landing themselves in trouble more often than not.

See also Brilliant but Lazy, especially in cases where the characters intelligence is largely informed.
  • Bulma from Dragon Ball is a prime example. While a mechanical genius and heir to a huge scientific corporation, she has absolutely no sense at all when it comes to dealing with danger. And yet somehow she gets the idea to become a treasure hunter. She gets only slightly better at this over the course of the series, in the sense that she doesn't walk headlong into danger without thinking first so much.
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