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01:13:05 PM Apr 11th 2012
edited by NateSpidgewood
Here's the problem: A lot of people here have been misusing this trope on other pages to refer to Follow the Leader animated movies from the 90s (e.g. Thumbelina, Anastasia) or some kind of element that reminds them of Disney (e.g. Disneyfication, fairy dust, Disney Creatures of the Farce), while it isn't about those things but rather just the art style itself, despite the name. But speaking of the name, it was referring to the fact this was a Super Trope to Animesque since both tropes are styles inspired by Disney animation and anime respectively. Also, the misuse of this is like how All Animation Is Disney (which is about an animated work not made by Disney being mistaken for Disney) was misused to refer to the Disney-esque art style of a non-Disney work. Someone needs to keep track of both this and All Animation Is Disney and remove a wick for the former that refers to a Follow the Leader movie or some element that reminds the editor of a Disney movie (and not the style itself) and for the latter that refers to the art style.
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