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02:50:11 PM Feb 18th 2017
Can this trope overlap with Evil Is Not a Toy?
06:51:36 PM Apr 28th 2012
Can this trope apply to figurative examples where an otherwise good character makes a deal with the villain?
11:04:18 AM Feb 9th 2012
I removed this example from the page because it's validity is disputed, and because it takes the form of thread mode which is not allowed on main pages. Somebody who has read the work in question will have to set the record strait, and reword and replace the example if it is valid.

  • A source says that Dracula's vampiric state was from doing a Deal with the Devil for the power to repeal the Turks when he was an Earthly prince and that is why he is afraid of crosses.
    • Not in the book - at least not in that form. Van Helsing implies Dracula was just too Badass to accept death, but also mentions a legend that in life he studied Black Magic from the Devil, so there may have been a deal involved somewhere if you read between the lines.
05:38:50 AM Jul 10th 2010
Adomas Mickevičius is not a Polish poet, he's a Lithuanian. though he was involved in Poland
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