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05:38:49 AM Oct 28th 2013
I feel compelled to say that "critics of Autism Speaks" are not usually touting themselves as charitable organisations that accept donations to research ways of making people autistic. Also, that there are no autistic people among the leadership of Autism Speaks. Those who criticise Autism Speaks think people's minds are extremely diverse; Autism Speaks tells people their children are diseased changelings. Compassion, contempt. Positive, negative.
01:47:37 AM Oct 28th 2013
Let me just point out one thing: While it is true that pity/compassion and contempt/loathing are not that far from each other, they still are NOT the same. In both cases the person expressing pity/contempt perceives the other person as somehow disadvantaged, but in the first case the second person is seen in a positive way, and in a negative one in the second. That difference is what matters.

Again: Contempt. Use this word.

08:09:27 AM Dec 9th 2012
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