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11:27:40 AM Dec 10th 2010
edited by DonaldthePotholer
I have an idea for a Sliding Scale of Decemberween Songs. Capitalizations and word breaks are intended. Capitalizations may be modified on the actual page, but I'd like the word breaks to remain:

1. Religious CHRISTmas Hymns (Includes Advent Hymns): Examples: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, Silent Night, Joy to the World (not the bullfrog version)

1.1. Chaunaka and Thanksgiving Hymns, plus songs regarding Pagan Symbols of Solstice or the New Year/Yuletide (in a worship-ful manner) Possible Example: Actually, O Christmas Tree could qualify here.

2. Songs about the celebration of the above Holy days, religious or commercial. Example: Deck the Halls

3. Songs about the desire of either Christmas, a gift of kindness/real need, or getting together with someone for the purpose of celebrating. (If If You Know What I Mean is involved or if it's an materialistic sort of "I Want" Song, then it belongs in the next category down; this category is intended for sincere longing for what's ''Really" important.) Examples: I'll Be Home for Christmas, "My Two Front Teeth" (though All I Want for Christmas is You probably also qualifies here)

4. Songs using the Holy days (or the "Holiday" "Season") as a backdrop/Framing Device, but are otherwise unrelated. The difference between this category and the one below is that the holidays (or distinct elements thereof) are still mentioned here, as opposed to just plain "winter", "snow", etc. Example: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

5. Generic Winter Songs that could just as well be played in (Late) February. Examples: Winter Wonderland, Frosty the Snowman
02:13:36 PM Nov 2nd 2010
Allik: I just have to say that I appreciate people posting links with their example. When I first found this page I was pretty bored one weekend and decided to just make it easier for tropers to find their favorite Christmas Songs (or hear one they never heard before) and then people just started adding more and the page has grown significantly so just writing my thanks for the help.
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