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10:07:42 PM Jul 8th 2014
I could see this going back through another image picking thread. Not only is gossip girl not a good image, not only did it not win the crowner, but it wasn't even really in second place, it had a ratio of Zero and the suggestion right under it also had Zero.

But before that happens, might I ask why everyone hated Bride Wars? That seemed like the obvious choice to me, since on this supposedly important occasion no one is making much effort to stop a fight breaking out (rather than the caption telling us that is the case)
05:37:32 AM Jul 9th 2014
I think another Image Pickin' might be in order.

Walking the line between this, Designated Girl Fight, and Fanservice Faux Fight is tough. Personally, I think the image from Negima fits best, since they seem to really be fighting, but most importantly there's the crowd cheering them on.
12:59:02 PM Feb 25th 2013
Trope escapes into real world and causes negative impact. Participants judged the likelihood of two managers repairing a frayed relationship roughly 15 per cent lower when both managers were female, versus male-male and male-female. Participants rated those involved in all-female conflicts as also being more likely to let the argument negatively influence job satisfaction than male-female or male-male quarrellers.

So list under real life section?
10:01:23 PM Jul 8th 2014
edited by
Uh, what does that have to do with fighting for fan service? This trope is about people who fight poorly but it is still about fighting, not arguing. If people really think arguments are cat fights too, maybe we need to rename this page?
06:48:09 PM Jul 21st 2011
The trope definition appears to contradict itself.

A battle between two or more female combatants that differs from the Designated Girl Fight only in that it's invoked for Perverse Sexual Lust purposes more than anything else.
a true Catfight ... is not intended to titillate (though may well do so anyway).

So is it intended to titillate or isn't it?
05:54:22 PM Feb 18th 2012
I'm with you. I think that needs to be edited, especially since the two sentences are practically right next to each other.
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