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Seth: Two things wrong with that image. One posting an entire strip is bad form (and a bit iffy legally) two its far too wide for our format. If you want to link to the comic on the original site feel free. //Later: And after deleting it a third thing came up, it was hotlinked - bad Scrounge, no cookie. Read the Image Guidelines

Adam850: If only there were guidelines under that link. Oh well. Huge hotlinked pictures for all! Woo!

Seth: I could have sworn we had image guidelines. Basically A-Not Too Big. B-No Hotlinking C-No Posting Entire Comics (Single cells are okay, but for the entire comic link to their site) Fast Eddie brought this up in ask the tropers once before, which was also when i manually scanned the entire site for hotlinked images - which took forever. I think there are a few more.

Morgan Wick: After an exhaustive round of searching, I finally fished out Fast Eddie's original request from the Internet Archive: Are we hot-linking any images? A very diplomatically phrased complaint came through the contact page today from a .jp address. The Engrish was a bit thick, and they didn't identify the image topic. We should host our own images. It is just good netizenship. No reference to any actual rules.

Seth's point C appears to have been made up on the spot to support his point now and A has always come across to me as something the community has decided on and only a de facto rule, but you know what? We probably should have codified guidelines.

Seth: I remember searching through for comics before, but i might be confusing things. I didn't make it up on the spot though (I think i posted an RPG World comic a while back which i had to link to because of it). The size thing is just common sense as well.

Scrounge: Sorry about that... On the other hand, we're just now deciding we should have rules about this, so maybe a misdeed borne from a lack of sleep has in fact served a purpose. (That said, I can't help but think this entry would be better off with some sort of picyure.

Seth: Thats a good urge, most entries look better with a picture.

Seven Seals: Hum. Apropos misdeeds: I read "misdeed borne from a lack of sheep". I probably shouldn't have mentioned this. And I really need to go to bed.

Big T: I remember reading this somewhere, probably due to this discussion. The problem is, I can't find it now, and Image Guidelines goes nowhere. I thought it was at Pmwiki.Good Style, but I was apparently wrong.

Kenb215: Removed example and text from the main body that doesn't apply:

It should be noted that in anime, while it isn't common, women are often beaten up by male villains. Humongous Mecha, Magical Girl and other such series will show women getting beaten up. While it is often by demons or robots or aliens, many of them still appear male. In anime, just because the hero is female, doesn't always make her exempt from getting beaten up.

  • Film exception: In the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the title characters, trained assassins keeping their "other lives" secret from each other, have a knock-down, drag-out fight where both are injured more or less equally.

The descriptions of Designated Girl Fight and Cat Fight seem confused. I get the impression DGF is "when the Five-Man Band fights the 5 Bad Band, The Chick always fights The Dark Chick" while Cat Fight is "women fighting is hot", and Laconic Wiki confirms the latter. Yet the description for Cat Fight spends a lot of time discussing Designated Girl Fight, and at one point totally contradicts itself:
"differs from the Designated Girl Fight only in that it's invoked for Perverse Sexual Lust purposes more than anything else. Though sometimes labeled as such, a true Catfight generally lacks finess/combat skill and is not intended to titilate"