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01:29:38 PM Dec 31st 2011
edited by Scardoll
Don't list examples like this one.

  • This is especially noteworthy for the Friendship Is Magic series. A show animated with Adobe Flash, the vast majority of the ponies have the exact same body model. Yet the eyes, colors, manes, tails, and cutie marks are so varied that the creators of the show manage to make them all very distinct from each other and identifiable across the series.

This falls under Only Six Faces because they're pretty much the same ponies with different hair. I've noticed a few other examples like this that seem to think that Cast of Snowflakes refers to any series where the cast looks different, even though the entire difference between Cast of Snowflakes and Only Six Faces is that the physical differences in a cast of snowflakes are more than just hair/color/clothing, and there can't be specific face types that are reused a lot. See the page image with the picture of all the faces from Monster.
10:43:06 PM Feb 8th 2012
edited by Scardoll
EDIT: Looking at this trope, the current description is bad. It's not actually the opposite of Only Six Faces, it's some different trope about "everyone being visually distinct", which the page image does a poor job of communicating. I'd actually prefer this to be a trope about works where everyone has a unique structural appearance beyond hair, clothing, skin color, and eyes, but that's not what it is right now. So I guess you should disregard this.

Another good example of someone misinterpreting this.

  • Homestuck manages this in spades, even with the characters who in all other cases would look exactly the same. AR and WV are both Dersite Pawns, yet AR is taller than WV and has a different head shape, leg length and arm width, and both seem to differ from the other generic Dersite Pawns seen in the war sequences. The humans are all different as well, adult and child alike. Heck, even a character's clone is different from him in almost every visual way! The big exception is the fact that John's Dad and Jane's Dad are identical, but that was the entire point and is more Meaningful Echo than anything.

The entry is half right. It's right about AR and WV and the rest of the Dersites/Prospitians, who are different due to facial structure, body shape, etc. See here for an image of four of the characters together; even ignoring the clothing, they all have different shapes. It's even more dramatic in some other cases, such as the Midnight Crew.

However, the kids and trolls are not this trope. In fact, they're pretty obviously Only Six Faces, or in this case, one basic layout differentiated by added details. They are literally a single copy+pasted shape. See here (No, I have no idea what the captions mean, I just grabbed the first picture I could find of all the trolls together).

So please, when you list Cast of Snowflakes examples, keep in mind: If the main distinguishing characteristics are anything other than the shapes that make up the body and face, it is not Cast of Snowflakes.

This does not make the work any worse; many of the series that are not on here are really good. Just please, stop trying to put examples here that don't work.
02:29:45 PM Oct 27th 2011
I guess the opposite would be called "Cast of Cornflakes"?
07:26:26 AM Mar 30th 2011
  • Despite ZUN's reputation for legendarily crappy character art, nearly every single Touhou character is instantly recognisable, even in silhouette (indeed, every Windows game features a silhouette of one of the characters on the cover, easily discernable). There was even a piece of fanart which drew dozens of characters as stick figures with only a single differing characteristic, and they were all still identifiable.

I honestly can't tell the difference between them most of the time. I'm pretty sure this is more a product of Memetic Mutation rather than Cast of Snowflakes.
01:49:58 AM May 3rd 2011
This definatly seems to be a case of YMMW since I can tell them all apart without any trouble.
07:23:22 AM Mar 11th 2012
Consider this: Pick a character from a series; Put a wig on her, the clothes of another character, and appropriately colored lenses. Do you still recognize said character? If yes, that goes into Cast Of Snowflake. If not, that goes into Only Six Faces. Touhou DEFINITELY goes into Only Six Faces, since all of the characters have the same facial features, and one of the three body types that Zun knows to draw (loli, young girl, mature girl).
05:10:01 PM Aug 19th 2010
I haven't the slightest idea how to edit things into articles, nor do a have any desire to learn because I doubt anything I have to say would be witty enough; However, I believe Hitman Reborn belongs as an example, since only characters who have some kind of relationship look the same. It's a manga, btw.
02:00:50 PM Mar 25th 2010
Can we please take the Concession example off this page? It really doesn't fit as it's referring to characterization rather than appearance and every character in that comic looks exactly the same.

Seriously the comic is listed under "Only Six Faces" for a reason.
08:52:47 PM Mar 25th 2010
It's a wiki, go ahead and remove it yourself.
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